PtG Article 26.01.2011

Blatter to be challenged at presidential elections

Mohammad Bin Hammam, Asian Football Confederation (AFC) President has been asked by officials to oppose current FIFA President Sepp Blatter at the FIFA Presidential elections in June this year, media reports say.

"Yes, I have been, but I don't think I am the only one," Bin Hammam said according to Gulf News.

According to Bin Hammam, FIFA is in need of a change and he hinted that Blatter's tenure is overdue.

"Blatter will, even if he is serious and so honest in his approach to fight corruption or to be more transparent, always be confronted by people who do not believe in his approach," Bin Hammam reportedly said. "That is why I think change is very much necessary."

According to the AFC President, long tenures are where corruption in international organisations starts.

"We are not talking only about Fifa, but let me say international organisations should have limited mandates. The Fifa president should have a maximum of eight to 12 years."