PtG Article 06.02.2018

Beach volley forms new players’ association

Leading beach volley players from around the world square up against the existing governing bodies of the sport and form new union.

After years of dissatisfaction and quarrel over tournaments, pay and more, professional beach volley players have announced the creation of a new players’ union, writes AP.

"The 2017 season did not meet the expectations of athletes and beach volleyball stakeholders, with canceled tournaments, a significant drop in prize money and changes to the structure of tournaments," a statement announcing the formation of the new association called the International Beach Volley Players’ Association (IBVPA) said, writes AP.

The athletes behind the new union include the sport’s top players and medalists who deplore the lack of player involvement in the way the sport is currently run and hope to improve the sport and player conditions through the new union.

“Most professional sport organisations have effective players’ associations working to provide the best possible environment for the athletes to pursue their professions. ... The IBVPA will work to do the same,” the IBVA announcement says, writes AP, who had not been able to get a comment from the International Volleyball Federation.