PtG Article 07.02.2013

Australian report exposes widespread doping

A national report about doping in Australia shows an extensive use of doping among Australian elite athletes.

The report, which is the result of a 12-months investigation, is prepared by the Australian Crime Commission (ACC), and at a press conference, the Australian Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare expressed great disturbance with the findings, which he said were “shocking and will disgust the Australian sports fans,” reports the BBC.

The report shows that athletes, coaches and doctors are among those who have been involved in the use of doping substances and sometimes also with the help from organised crime syndicates.

"It is cheating but it is worse than that, it’s cheating with the help of criminals", says Jason Clare.

"Links between organised crime and players exposes players to the risk of being co-opted for match-fixing and this investigation has identified one possible example of that and that is currently under investigation," he said according to the BBC.

Due to the ongoing investigations no names have been revealed in the investigation.

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