PtG Article 19.10.2012

Armstrong and the politicians: The whiff of a political scandal

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency‘s reasoned decision in its case against Lance Armstrong gives a detailed picture of doping practices in professional cycling. But there is much more to the case than has yet been released publicly, and the whiff of a political scandal is not hard to detect, the American professor Roger Pielke Jr. concludes on his sports political blog, ‘The Least Thing’. 

“There are questions to be raised about the role of U.S. politicians who have sought to insert themselves into the process of sports governance on behalf of Lance Armstrong,” Pielke argues listing some of the actions of several members of the U.S. Congress trying to defend or protect Armstrong. 

In his blog entry Pielke encourages investigative journalists or aspiring politicians to look into on the relationships between Lance Armstrong, his charitable organisation The Livestrong Foundation and leading U.S. politicians. Pielke also believes that congressional hearings could be a possibility.

“Every indication suggests that there a seamy underside to sport and politics in the U.S. yet to be revealed,” he concludes. 

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