PtG Article 26.07.2010

Analysis - What Brazil 2014 organisers can learn from South Africa

World Football Insider analyses this year’s FIFA World Cup in South Africa and rates key aspects in the organisation of the tournament.

The different considerations are then used to discuss which challenges Brazil faces with regards to the 2014 tournament, how they need to prepare and what they should expect.

The collaboration with FIFA, the work in the LOC, the stadiums, media operations, transportation, security, fans, and the legacy left by the tournament are all key aspects of a World Cup, and present different challenges for the host nation. A big issue of this year’s World Cup has been FIFA’s rules and regulations and the legacy the tournament would leave the South African nation. One challenge for Brazil might thus be to have a more realistic approach about what a World Cup can do for a nation. Certainly a tournament can change the world’s perceptions of a nation, but it can’t actually change a country and FIFA should be more upfront about football’s limitations, argues WFI.Read the entire analysis here