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The Knowledge Bank

The Knowledge Bank is a collection of articles from a wide variety of professional and academic sources.

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Popular sports cannot just be measured and weighed - Festival Journalism or 'How to Report Diversity'

11 November 2002

This article is part of a research project about the Danish Landsstævne, the National Sport Festival Bornholm 2002.[more]

Media Power and Responsibility in Sport and Globalisation

11 November 2002

In this talk to an international sports media conference in Copenhagen, Robert Davies makes the case for social responsibility in the media.[more]

From Tradition to the Olympics: Running Cultures in Mexico and Kenya

11 November 2002

Tarahumaras in Mexico and Kalenjins in Kenya are superb runners. Thanks to British colonialisation, the Kenyans have become integrated in world sport which has resulted - amongst other things - in exploitation of young athletes....[more]

Words of Welcome

10 November 2002

Shortly before Christmas two years ago, a letter landed on the desk of our then Minister of Culture, Mrs. Elsebeth Nielsen. It was no Christmas Card.[more]

Uniting the World? Values in Sport in the 21st Century

10 November 2002

When people meet in the sports field it is based upon a common language, and gives an opportunity to develop your own skills in a challenging interaction with your opponent.[more]

Industry or Independence? Release of Survey of the Scandinavian Sports Press

10 November 2002

A survey of sports journalism in Norway, Denmark and Sweden shows that Scandinavian newspapers' sport coverage is uncritical and one-sided. The survey was prepared for Play the Game's conference in 2002 and also shows that...[more]

Dying to Win: The International Anti-doping Code

10 November 2002

Power Point of Barrie Houlihan's presentation "Dying to Win: The International Anti-doping Code"[more]

Crossing the Line: Violence and Sexual Assualt in Canada's National Sport

10 November 2002

Writing the book "Crossing the Line: Violence and Sexual Assault in Canada's National Sport" was a six year journey for journalist Laura Robinson. Here she recounts the story of how she exposed a rape culture in junior hockey and...[more]

The Symbolic Significance of Traditional Sports and Games. Pre- or Postmodernism? - a Cross Cultural Perspective

29 October 2002

In the study of functions and survival conditions for traditional sports and games in different European regions five factors play an important part.[more]

The Show Does Not Need to Go On

29 October 2002

Two football fans are dead, two families lives devastated, but only a week later, football has already moved on.[more]

The National, the Global, the Tribal - a Trialectical Approach to the Identity Question in Sports

29 October 2002

Sport has a deep psychological dimension of identity building. When people are playing, they form social patterns expressing who "we" are.[more]

The Evolving European Model of Professional Sports Finance

29 October 2002

In 1995 the European Court of Justice ruled in the Bosman case that the player transfer system and restrictions on the maximum number of foreign players on teams were illegal violations of the Treaty of Rome.[more]

Sport and Politics: Diplomacy of an Olympic Truce

29 October 2002

The coexistence of sport and politics dates from the 9th century BC, when the "Olympic Truce" was established.[more]

Popular Identity in Sport and Culture - about Living Democracy

29 October 2002

Sport is fascinating - but not innocent. As a mirror of societal oppositions, sport is full of tensions.[more]

Pel Stadium Seating's Owes Its Success to the Hillsborough Disaster

29 October 2002

One of English footballs greatest ironies is the extent to which the fortunes of the top clubs, and their chairmen, have been founded on the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster. The Taylor Report which followed recommended, that public...[more]

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