• 20.10.2014 /
    Play the Game has renewed and broadened an agreement with KU Leuven to examine and develop better governance in international sports federations.
  • 17.10.2014 /
    Most parties welcome the announced ban on third-party ownership of professional football players’ rights, but disagreements on how the ban is best implemented and enforced exist.
  • Photo: Tine Harden/Play the Game
    14.10.2014 /
    German TV viewers learned yesterday evening, Monday the 13 October, how sport can treat its whistleblowers when public German TV channel West-Deutsche Rundfunk (WDR) aired a 10-minutes portrait of the Argentinian Mario Goijman.
  • Photo: Jaypeg/Flickr
    14.10.2014 /
    Malay who offered fixing fees to two top Danish badminton professionals claims he previously fixed matches in two of the most prestigious tournaments.
  • 10.10.2014 /
    Politicians and sport leaders around the globe often argue that major sporting events have a positive effect on mass participation. A new study underlines that it is a myth.
  • 10.10.2014 /
    At the Pan-American Team Handball Federation (PATHF) congress in September, the creation of a new internal court of appeal was decided. Its first act has been to change a decision made by the PATHF’s own Tribunal for Disciplinary and Ethical Matter earlier this year.
  • Photo: Lene Haug/Aktiv I Oslo.no
    02.10.2014 /
    After the leading Norwegian governmental party voted not to support Oslo as the host city of the 2022 Winter Olympics last night, the city of Oslo has withdrawn its host application. Norwegian media has since been filling with IOC-critical comments, calling the IOC both pompous and unsympathetic.
  • Photo: justinshanks/Flickr
    25.09.2014 /
    Head investigator and author of the independent report on the probe into alleged corruption in the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, Michael Garcia, has issued a statement calling for his report to be made public. He is supported by a number of high-ranking football officials.
  • Photo: Martin Belam/Flickr
    By Antoine Duval
    08.10.2014 /
    Recent defections in the bids for the 2020 Winter Olympics have demonstrated a public distrust in the Olympic Games, says senior researcher Antoine Duval in this comment piece and brings forward suggestions to how the Olympic bidding process can change and regain trust.
  • Photo: Council of Europe
    By Jens Sejer Andersen
    18.09.2014 /
    International director at Play the Game, Jens Sejer Andersen was invited to give a speech when European ministers were gathered in Magglingen, Switzerland to discuss corruption in sport and to sign a convention against match-fixing. In his speech, Andersen stressed the need to address corruption in sports organisations and listed five proposals for the European ministers to take on. Read the full speech held at the Council of Europe meeting here:
  • Photo: Nigel Goodman/Flickr
    By Christer Ahl
    01.09.2014 /
    Annual Olympics could be a way to salvage the Games, says Christer Ahl in his returning column and suggests to split up the Summer Games in three separate events, while hoping to create a debate which goes beyond considering cosmetic changes to the status quo.
  • Photo: Catalytic Communities/Flickr
    By Jens Sejer Andersen
    14.08.2014 /
    When most of the matches played during the recent World Cup are long forgotten, we should still remember and thank the Brazilians for having set a new international agenda in sport, writes Jens Sejer Andersen, international director of Play the Game.
  • By Christer Ahl
    25.07.2014 /
    It does not help the referees or the image of football if geopolitical considerations cause FIFA to introduce an absurd neutrality concept when nominating referees, Christer Ahl writes in his column looking back at the recently completed World Cup in Brazil.
  • By Martin Müller
    25.06.2014 /
    Four years before the opening match, the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia has already produced significant cost overruns and construction work is falling behind deadlines. Overall, it looks set to become the most expensive World Cup ever, says Martin Müller from the University of Zürich in this comment piece.
  • Photo: kris krüg/Flickr
    By Antoine Duval
    12.06.2014 /
    Public scrutiny and societal irritation are needed if the change brought forward by the Olympic Agenda 2020 is to mean real change, writes Antoine Duval in this comment piece.
  • Photo: Steve Martinez/Flickr
    By Guilherme Nothen
    12.06.2014 /
    It may be an overlooked reason for the protests in Brazil, that this World Cup has taken football away from its traditional audiences, says PhD candidate Guilherme Nothen in this comment piece.
  • By Christer Ahl
    06.06.2014 /
    To see corruption eliminated from the world of sports is clearly not realistic. In his first contribution to a new regular column at playthegame.org, Christer Ahl concludes that we need to dismiss the naivety that sports could be immune to corruption and increase our efforts to detect and reduce the existing corruption and its impact.
  • Jens Weinreich (www.jensweinreich.de)
    By Andreas Selliaas
    10.04.2014 /
    The great family of sport is right now gathered in Belek, Turkey for the SportAccord Convention. Andreas Selliaas takes a look at the Olympic House of Cards.

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