China talking: Blogs and forums from around the web

The online world is buzzing with activity when it comes to China, with a wide variety of forums, blogs and online media outlets that take a different approach to the mainstream media when it comes to news.

Here is a selection of the best blogs.

Dan Wei

Essential reading for anyone interested in learning more about the Chinese media. Danwei focusses upon media, advertising and urban life in China.

In their own words

"With frequent reference to and translations from Mainland Chinese media, we publish fresh information about China that you won't find anywhere else. We also produce original video shows and audio podcasts about China.

Using extensive Chinese language sources, we keeps tabs on a wide variety of subjects including legal and business stories, media and entertainment gossip, and the environment.

The Chinese word 'Danwei' (单位) means 'unit', as in a unit of currency or measurement, or as in 'work unit' - the old term for a state-owned company that was supposed to provide cradle-to-grave employment, housing and medical treatment."

Ogilvy 8 blog

Media company Ogilvy have got eight staff members, four wiriting in English, four in Mandarin, to report upon media trends in China during the Olympics. has become a popular English language and Chinese website looking at perceived biases in the Western Press towards China, especially in the aftermath of coverage of riots by ethnic Tibetans in Lhasa and other areas of Tibet earlier in 2008.

Jenny Zhu's blog

Jenny Zhu, who works for language portal, has created a space of observation and reflection on the big, small and everything in between about China.


Online since August 2006, the Transpacifica project is a growing, collaborative online resource and blog on global affairs in Asia and the Americas. In its first year, this website was known as Transpacific Triangle, and it explored the trilateral relationship between China, Japan, and the United States. In September 2007, the site became Transpacifica and moved to, in order to accommodate issues involving other countries in East Asia and the Americas.

Wangjianshuo's blog

Blog by Shanghai resident Jian Shuo Wang, one of the most popular blogs in China with over 2 million page hits per month. The blog is in both English and Chinese, and discusses everyday aspects of life in China's financial capital, Shanghai.

Beijing Newspeak

Blog run by Chris O´Brien, a sub-editor at Chinese News Agency Xinhua.
O'Brien was motivated to write his blog after spending "a year of editing up to 25 stories a day on anything from 'Hu promotes the socialist concept of honour and disgrace' to 'World’s tallest man saves sick dolphins', I needed a place to splurge thoughts, observations, frustrations about news on China as told by domestic and overseas media."


The Beijinger

With both a useful forum and a wide range of blogs, The Beijinger magazine's website gives an excellent introduction to Beijing and the city's urban culture. The website also features a podcast of what's going on in Beijing that you might not find listed in regular tourist guides.


Stanley's blog

Stanley Crossick is a political analyst and media commentator on European Union internal and external policies, with special expertise on China. He is the founding Chairman of the European Policy Centre, Senior Fellow at the Brussels Institute of Contemporary China Studies.


The Peking Duck

Run by an expat living in Beijing. The blog is a mixture of up-to-date news stories making the headlines in Beijing as well as informative background articles on some of the key discussions about China that take place overseas.


China Herald

Comprehensive blog on China, the Media, IT and other general news by Fons Tuinstra, an ex-pat living in Shanghai.


City Weekend blogs section

The English language China-based magazine City Weekend, hosts a number of blogs on its homepages, written by a number of different Chinese and ex-pat bloggers, including a section of blogs focussed on life in Beijing.


Wall Street Journal China Blog

Blog on China by the worldwide financial daily, the Wall Street Journal.

In their words, "China Journal tracks the changes taking place in the world's most populous country, drawing on the insights of the Journal's award-winning team of nearly 20 journalists covering China to explain developments in the country's business world, economy, and culture. Sky Canaves is the lead writer for China Journal.


China Blog List

The China Blog List (CBL) is a collection of links to English language weblogs focused on China. The CBL plays an important role in providing the rest of the world with convenient access to firsthand accounts and independent views of China.

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