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International Volleyball Federation goes to court

In March 2006, President Ruben Acosta from the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) went to court in Switzerland charged with falsifying documents and providing false information about commercial operations.

The court case was the culmination of a three year campaign by the former president of the former Argentine Volleyball Federation, Mario Goijman.

Mario Goijman's key allegations against the FIVB:

  • falsifying the auditor's report on FIVB's financial status in 2000 before it was presented to the World Congress in 2002

  • withholding information about the payment of commissions to the FIVB president for a total amount of 8,32 million SFr

  • purchasing real estate in Lausanne for 1,7 million SFr whilst hiding from FIVB's board of administration that the property had belonged to the Acosta family since 1984

  • failing to record 4,85 million SFr paid by the IOC to FIVB in FIVB accounts


Original documents related to Volleygate

FIVB threatens Play the Game
Withdraw invitation or go to court

Play the Game's reply to FIVB
The invitation stands

Swiss indictment of Acosta
Official charges of the criminal court



Claims and counter-claims in Volleygate

Get a quick overview of key events and documents in the Volleygate saga in Play the Game's article on claims and counter-claims in international volleyball.



The whole story in Goijman's own words

For a narrative version read Mario Goijman's presentation to the Play the Game conference.

Mario Goijman receives the 2005 Play the Game award from Laura Robinson



FIVB news
Updated news on FIVB from our news archive

Mario Goijman (third from left) has spent a fortune of his own money exposing the wrongdoings of FIVB president Ruben Acosta. (Photo: Niels Nyholm)

Volleygate news

(20 September 2006)

FIVB critics will found new federation in Copenhagen
In late November critics will challenge the FIVB by founding a new international federation for volleyball and beach volley players.


(24 August 2006)
FIVB will not give the three million dollars it promised the UN
The volleyball federation has instead set up its own taskforce to distribute money for volleyball and schools to tsunami-victims.


(10 June 2006)

FIVB accuses ex-secretary general of embezzlement

FIVB rejects all claims for compensation from its former secretary general, Jean-Pierre Seppey. Instead FIVB accuses him of embezzlement.

(26 May 2006)

70 national federations back challenge to FIVB


(9 May 2006)

Goijman gives up appealing verdict in Volleygate


(7 April 2006)

FIVB rules make it impossible to challenge president

(15 March 2006):

Ex-secretary general sets his sights on FIVB presidency


(10 March 2006):

FIVB president demands an end to "game of vindictiveness"  


(9 March 2006):

FIVB heavyweights point fingers at controller


(9 March 2006):

Former finance secretary feels hoodwinked by Acosta


(3 March 2006):

Volleygate judge will only hear witnesses for defence


(December 2005):
Former Secretary General launches surprise attack on FIVB


(December 2005):

Swedish volleyball leader expelled for mild criticism   


(November 2005):

Volleyball whistleblower gets Play the Game Award


(August 2005):

Play the Game under pressure to withdraw invitation to critic