• By Steve Menary
    14.07.2011 /
    Comment: English side Manchester City may be about to embark on their first Champions League campaign but the riches earned by clubs playing in continental competitions is bankrolling increased domination of domestic leagues. That is the evidence in Play the Game’s annual Champions League diversity index for 2011, which shows a third of the countries in this year’s competition are represented by exactly the same sides as a year ago.
  • By Andreas Selliaas
    06.07.2011 /
    Comment: Wednesday 6th July the IOC will decide who will host the Winter Olympics in 2018. The battle is between the cities Pyeongchang, Munich and Annecy. Pyeongchang is bidding for the third time and many see the Koreans as a narrow favourite. But favourites are rarely victorious!
  • By Andreas Selliaas
    04.07.2011 /
    Comment: On Saturday 18 June US President Barack Obama played a historical round of golf with John Boehner, the Republican leader in Congress. Never before has a sitting president invited his strongest opponent for a round of golf.
  • By Andreas Selliaas
    09.06.2011 /
    Comment: On May 27 Alaistar Campbell - Tony Blair's former spin doctor – used the name FIFAgate on the corruption allegations and backstabbing in FIFA before the Congress in Zürich at the beginning of June.
  • By Jens Sejer Andersen, International director, Play the Game
    06.06.2011 /
    Comment: The FIFA reforms introduced by its re-elected president Blatter may end up increasing corruption rather than stopping it, and there is a real risk of split in the so-called FIFA family
  • By Declan Hill
    13.05.2011 /
    Comment: FIFA's new anti-corruption initiative leaves a lot to wish for, says match fixing expert and author Declan Hill in this comment where he expresses worries that without money put aside for enforcement and investigation - also into corruption inside FIFA - the new centre will be a 'sham'
  • By Christer Ahl
    28.04.2011 /
    Comment: The National Olympic Committee and various sports federations play an active role in the political oppression in Bahrain. Athletes are jailed, while the international federations remain silent, writes Christer Ahl.
  • By Andreas Selliaas
    14.04.2011 /
    Comment: "Didier Drogba is best known as a Chelsea player and the biggest star of The Elephants, but he has also played a central role in the peace process in Ivory Coast. His role in this process shows both the powerlessness and the power of the world-famous soccer player", writes Andreas Selliaas.
  • By Laura Robinson
    13.04.2011 /
    Comment: In this comment piece, Canadian author and journalist Laura Robinson takes us further into the discussions of the legacy of the Vancouver Games with a look behind the biography of John Furlong, CEO of the Vancouver Organizing Committee and into what information on the 2010 Winter Games and his personal background made it to the book and what did not.
  • By Andreas Selliaas
    29.03.2011 /
    Comment: On Wednesday 30 March one of the most politicized sports events this year will take place in Mohali, India. There India and Pakistan will play the semi-final in the cricket World Cup 2011 (ICC World Cup). The cricket match is used as a framework for political talks, the question is whether cricket is the right framework to create a better relationship between the two enemies?

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