Sports Governance Observer indicators

The Sports Governance Observer focuses on four dimensions of governance each with a number of indicators.

See all the dimensions and indicators below.

Dimension 1.

Indicator 1.1
The organisation publishes its statutes/constitution; by-laws; sport rules; organisational chart; and strategic objectives on its website

Indicator 1.2
The organisation publishes the agenda and minutes of its general assembly on its website

Indicator 1.3
The organisation publishes decisions taken at its executive body meetings on its website

Indicator 1.4
The organisation gives the media access to its general assembly meetings

Indicator 1.5
The organisation publishes basic information about its board members and senior officials on its website

Indicator 1.6
Contact details to board members and senior officials are published on the organisation’s website

Indicator 1.7
The organisation publishes information about its member federations on its website

Indicator 1.8
The organisation publishes its annual general activity report on its website

Indicator 1.9
The organisation publishes reports of its standing committees on its website

Indicator 1.10
The organisation publishes an externally audited annual financial report on its website according to recognised international standards

Indicator 1.11
The organisation publishes regulations and reports on remuneration, including per diem payments and bonuses, of its board members and senior officials on its website

Indicator 1.12
The organisation publishes main event reports with detailed and relevant information on its website

Dimension 2.

Indicator 2.1
There are elections of the president and the governing bodies and, where appropriate, the standing committees

Indicator 2.2
Elections are on the basis of secret ballots and clear procedures detailed in the organisation’s governing document/s

Indicator 2.3
The organisation offers to the candidates standing for election opportunities to present their programme/manifesto

Indicator 2.4
The decisions on allocation of major events are made through a democratic, open, transparent and objectively reproducible process

Indicator 2.5
The organisation defines a quorum in its governing document/s for its legislative and decision making bodies

Indicator 2.6
The organisation’s elected officials have a term limit

Indicator 2.7
The organisation’s general assembly meets at least once a year

Indicator 2.8
The organisation’s governing body meets regularly

Indicator 2.9
The organisation encourages gender equity with regard to its leading officials

Indicator 2.10
The organisation provides opportunity for athletes to be represented within the organisation

Dimension 3.

Indicator 3.1
The organisation has an internal audit committee

Indicator 3.2
The organisation is externally audited according to internationally recognised standards

Indicator 3.3
The organisation adopts an integrated internal control and risk management system

Indicator 3.4
The organisation has or recognises an Ethics/Integrity Code for all its members and officials

Indicator 3.5
The organisation has clear conflict of interest rules

Indicator 3.6
The organisation has an independent body (e.g. Ethics Committee) to check the application of the rules referred in indicators 3.4 and 3.5

Indicator 3.7
The organisation’s decisions can be contested through internal channels specified in its governing document/s

Indicator 3.8
The organisation recognises the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) as an external channel of complaint and allows athletes and officials to contest decisions in civil courts

Indicator 3.9
Funding to member federations is awarded according to pre-established criteria

Dimension 4.

Indicator 4.1
The organisation allocates specific resources for the global development of grass-roots activities

Indicator 4.2
The organisation has a well-defined Social Responsibility (SR) strategy and/or programme

Indicator 4.3
The organisation has legacy requirements for communities in which its events are hosted

Indicator 4.4
The organisation adopts an environmental management system (ISO 14001, EMAS or similar) for its major events

Indicator 4.5
The organisation offers consulting to member federations in the areas of organisations and management through workshops, one to one advice or similar

Indicator 4.6
Representatives from economically weaker member federations can apply for support to attend the general assembly

Indicator 4.7
The organisation adopts a clear anti-discrimination policy

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