• Photo: Pixabay
    22.10.2018 /
    For the establishment in the financial sector, cryptocurrencies and the ‘Blockchain’ are new innovations not to be trusted, but some of Europe’s biggest football clubs are starting to get involved. Is it hype or the future?
  • Photo: Asger Røjle
    27.12.2017 /
    Artificial intelligence is gaining momentum in sports science and in society as a whole. At a recent conference in Tokyo, researchers and experts discussed how the Olympic Games in Tokyo will put to the test innovative ways of hosting a mega-sporting event.
  • Photo: time lapse capture /Wikimedia
    By Brett Hutchins, Libby Lester
    19.12.2017 /
    Sport is characterised by contradictions, conflicts and hypocrisies that simultaneously speak to growing awareness, positive action and hope in terms of environmental awareness and sustainability, say researchers Brett Hutchins and Libby Lester in this comment piece that discusses how sport can take on a role in protecting and creating a world worth playing in.
  • Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game
    29.11.2017 /
    Play the Game 2017 delegates had a nice break from the conference halls during the Knowledge Café on Tuesday night that presented new trends in sport in an innovative fashion.
  • Photo: Maxime FORT/Flickr
    17.11.2017 /
    The daily sports practice, the local clubs and teams, the facilities, the events, the leagues and tournaments, the peak performance: The digital and technological revolution is changing all aspects of sport and physical activity as you read these lines.
  • Photo: Streetmekka/Game Denmark
    07.07.2017 /
    Join the community of sports innovators on 9th October in Streetmekka Copenhagen at Idan Sports Innovation Day 2017. Registration is now open.

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