• Svømning _COLOURBOX
    10.05.2019 /
    One in five Canadian athletes surveyed in a new report have experienced maltreatment including emotional, physical and sexual abuse, harassment and neglect. In another case, testimonies from dozens of Danish swimmers about a psychologically abusive coaching environment paint a similar picture.
  • Laura Robinson Play the Game
    11.06.2015 /
    The end of the lengthy legal battle between freelance journalist Laura Robinson and VANOC CEO John Furlong is drawing near. Furlong dropped his defamation charges against the journalist in March this year, and Robinson’s counterclaim will be heard in court on 15 June.
  • Laura Robinson Play the Game
    17.02.2015 /
    After more than two years of legal battle between Laura Robinson, a freelance investigative journalist, and former VANOC CEO John Furlong, a trial date has now been set for Robinson’s case against Furlong.
  • Photo: s yume/Flickr
    10.10.2014 /
    Politicians and sport leaders around the globe often argue that major sporting events have a positive effect on mass participation. A new study underlines that it is a myth.
  • Andy Miah/Flickr
    By Peter Donnelly, Bruce Kidd
    26.02.2014 /
    "Sports leaders, governments and advertisers have to stop pretending that winning medals will somehow magically “inspire” increased take-up," write Peter Donnelly and Bruce Kidd in this comment piece discussing the effect of Canada's sports funding system.
  • 29.01.2014 /
    Investigative journalist Laura Robinson has launched a defamation suit against John Furlong, former CEO of the Vancouver 2010 Games as the latest step in a 14-month long legal battle initiated by Furlong.
  • 27.11.2013 /
    Canadian journalist Laura Robinson is currently engaged in a tough legal battle with the prominent Canadian sports executive John Furlong, who she claims is covering up a shady past that includes cases of abuse of First Nations children. Robinson spoke at Play the Game 2013 despite warnings from Furlong’s attorneys.
  • By Laura Robinson
    01.12.2011 /
    Comment: Ice hockey and football have much to answer for, writes Canadian journalist Laura Robinson in her comment piece on new revelations of hazing and sexual abuse in North American sport. Under the glittering surface a depraved subculture is still not being addressed properly.

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