• Photo: Marc Fischer/Flickr
    22.02.2018 /
    A new law designed to protect young athletes in the US comes into force amidst widespread criticism of national sports bodies.
  • Photo: Pixabay
    21.02.2018 /
    An extensive report into USA Swimming claims that the swimming body has knowingly ignored and actively covered hundreds of abuse cases taking place in a culture that accepted sexual relations between coaches and under-age athletes.
  • Photo: Marc/Flickr
    01.06.2017 /
    European swimming president’s battle to overtake the presidency of world swimming gains ammunition from the withdrawal of an election procedure proposal allegedly in breach of FINA constitution.
  • 18.03.2013 /
    The seven Australian Olympic sports receiving the most public funding have been warned by the Australian government to improve their governance or risk losing a significant portion of the money.
  • By Andreas Selliaas
    22.08.2012 /
    It is not always easy to see where the line is drawn for the Olympic spirit, as several cases have shown us during this year’s Olympic Games, Andreas Selliaas concludes in this comment piece discussing what fair play means in reality.
  • By Andreas Selliaas
    03.08.2012 /
    In this comment, Andreas Selliaas discusses the Olympic badminton ‘scandal’ and questions whether the tactics of the badminton players are so different than swimmers and 100m runners saving their strengths for the finals.
  • By Nikki Dryden
    27.02.2012 /
    Comment: Will 2012 be our year, asks the Olympic swimmer and human rights attorney Nikki Dryden on behalf of the stakeholders in swimming who are calling for more transparency, accountability and democracy in the top of the international swimming federation (FINA).
  • 26.01.2010 /
    Nan Yong, the executive vice president of the Chinese Football Association (CFA) was discharged last week after a nationwide crackdown on gambling and match fixing carried out by the Chinese public security department last year.

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