• Photo: Steve Martinez/Flickr
    21.10.2015 /
    Play the Game 2015 sets out to create an overview and seek solutions to strengthen the rights of athletes regardless of age.
  • Photo: Ed Coyle/Flickr
    14.01.2015 /
    Children down to the age of 10 will be required to have an international transfer certificate in the future. The International Federation of Professional Footballers, FIFPro, doubts that this will close the loopholes for the trade of minors in international top football.
  • Foto: Philipp Rümmele/Flickr
    02.01.2015 /
    CAS has dismissed FC Barcelona’s transfer ban appeal and confirmed that the club has breached the rules regarding protection of minors. The verdict may be a step against the use of underage footballers.
  • Photo: Oh Barcelona/Flickr
    20.08.2014 /
    The FIFA Appeal Committee has decided to reject the appeal lodged by FC Barcelona and the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and confirm the sanctions laid out in April for breaches related to the international transfer and registration of under-age players.
  • Photo: Marie Louise Albers
    03.07.2014 /
    Through his organisation Foot Solidaire, Jean-Claude Mbvoumin has dedicated more than 14 years of his life to the fight against illegal trafficking of young African footballers. It is a fight that is far from over – and one that FIFA recently brought to light through the sanctioning of FC Barcelona and the club’s exploitation of young players.
    23.04.2014 /
    UPDATED: FIFA has punished FC Barcelona for trading children. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. The trade of minors is standard practice in European football – and has been for years. Now, for the first time since the sanctions against the Spanish club were issued, FIFA responds to enquiries regarding the case.
  • Hiytel/Flickr
    10.04.2014 /
    Major European clubs and anonymous investment funds are fighting across cities, countries and continents over football’s new gold – talented minors.
  • 23.08.2012 /
    Prominent keynote speakers from the international world of sport and a long line of special Play the Game symposia will give spectators a taste of Play the Game as an integral part of EASM 2012 in Aalborg, Denmark, on 18-21 September.

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