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  • 12.03.2014 /
    The saga of FIFA and the hijab, the traditional head-covering worn by many Muslim women that also refers in some countries to the entire style in which Muslim women dress, goes back at least seven years.
  • 10.05.2013 /
    The turmoil surrounding Brazil's former national stadium reflects the conflicts that characterise the country in the preparations for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics.
  • By Andreas Selliaas
    24.09.2010 /
    With kids in sports, parents struggle with two images of reality. Either you see your child – or the children of others – as talented or as hopeless cases. Many parents easily see that a child is talented. What most people mean by talent is that the child can be great when she/he enters adulthood. Children’s talents are thus seen in the context of an adult world.
  • 21.05.2010 /
    Knowledge bank: This international study, financed by the World Anti‐Doping Agency, was designed to examine and comprehend the impact of forms of socialization and organization of cycling on the representation and practices of doping.
  • 09.07.2008 /
    As one of the consequences of the Cold War from the end of World War II and up to 1989, the competition on the battlefield of sport became fiercer and fiercer, and at some point rumours started circulating in the west about female athletes, mainly from the eastern countries, who were not THAT female. Stories were told about specific athletes who never undressed together with other athletes, but came directly from their hotel, and went straight back for a shower, and of athletes who had a number of male features as for example a fast growing beard.
  • 19.06.2008 /
    Together with International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) Play the Game has given its full support on cooperation with World Outgames 2009, a sports, culture and human rights event to be held in Copenhagen from July 25 to 2 August 2009.
  • 30.11.2005 /
    Knowledge bank: Young people from indigenous cultures - societies which did not until recently have a history and culture of suicide - set alarming records of suicide.
  • 30.11.2005 /
    Knowledge bank: Does a top athlete's body belong to him- or herself? Or does it belong to the whole nation?

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