• Photo: Phillip Winn/Flickr
    13.08.2018 /
    FIBA vows to review circumstances of visa delay for Kosovan players’ participation at European Basketball tournament in Bosnia.
  • 01.12.2009 /
    A deal to ensure that Kosovan clubs are compensated properly when players sign for foreign sides should be rubber-stamped this Friday (December 4) at FIFA’s executive committee meeting in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • 12.11.2009 /
    Kosovo’s footballers could have to wait another decade for international recognition. That is the view of the country’s former manager after the Serbian Football Association did not take up an invitation from FIFA for tri-partite talks with the Kosovans in Zurich.
  • 03.11.2009 /
    The football associations of Serbia and Kosovo will have their first official meeting in Zurich this Friday in talks hosted by FIFA aimed at dragging the former Yugoslav republic out of sporting limbo.
  • 11.11.2002 /
    Knowledge bank: In Kosova, sports federations attempt to use sport as a tool of reconciliation. Boards of federations must have at least one representative from minorities, and teams with different ethnic backgrounds have started playing against each other, reports journalist Driton Lafiti.
  • 14.11.2000 /
    In 1989 football games for players of Kosovar origin was driven underground by Serbian police. In the period until 1998 Kosova had more than 130 football clubs and more than 10.000 footballers, who played all their games in secret, tells journalist Driton Lafiti.

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