• Photo: Jens Weinriech
    By Jens Weinreich
    28.02.2018 /
    One of the most significant persons in the history of IOC marketing past away last week. In his daily and very personal tales from the Olympic hotel lobbies in PyeongChang, journalist and blogger Jens Weinreich wrote about the death of Jean-Marie Weber and his important role in the world of modern sport. Play the Game brings an adapted version in English.
  • Photo: justinshanks/Flickr
    07.12.2015 /
    Sepp Blatter is currently under investigation by the FBI over a letter linking him to the ISL affair, Andrew Jennings’ new BBC Panorama show airing tonight reveals.
  • By Jens Sejer Andersen- International director, Play the Game
    03.05.2013 /
    Comment: The long awaited report from FIFA’s Ethics Committee about FIFA and the ISL affair is superficial, insufficient and confuses ethics with legal formalities. The exoneration of Blatter is made on a fragile basis.
  • 30.04.2013 /
    Today the long awaited official FIFA report into the ISL affair was released. The report is written by Hans-Joachim Eckert, head of the FIFA ethics committee's adjudicatory chamber and looks into the ethical responsibilities in this case which involves multi-million bribes from ISL on World Cup marketing deals in the 1990s.
  • 24.04.2013 /
    South American football president Nicolas Leoz has resigned from FIFA’s Executive Committee “for health and personal reasons” writes a FIFA press statement.
  • 04.12.2012 /
    There are six months left of the reform process being carried out by FIFA in the wake of a string of scandals that have seriously damaged the organisation’s credibility. Michael Hershman, one of the key figures on FIFA’s new independent governance committee (IGC), argues that President Sepp Blatter is facing a “once in a lifetime” opportunity and that, regardless of the internal opposition, change is coming to world football’s governing body.
  • By Jens Sejer Andersen- International director, Play the Game
    02.04.2012 /
    As so often before, FIFA’s Exco avoided to make convincing reform decisions, but investigation into the past may become possible later this year comments Jens Sejer Andersen, international director at Play the Game.
  • 02.11.2011 /
    Within the last month, investigative journalist Andrew Jennings has obtained documents that show the names of sports officials who received a total of 175 secret payments in bribes from the now defunct ISL sports marketing company. Among the names are some senior FIFA officials.

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