• 07.04.2021 /
    Pro cycling’s unfortunate Van Gansen decision has underscored a fatal flaw in sport, and shows that cycling – and all Olympic sports – must reconsider the concept of ‘the autonomy of sport’ in order to better protect athletes. UCI President David Lappartient has the opportunity to cement his legacy by taking the lead on this issue.
  • Bergen 2017 UCI Road WC
    13.12.2018 /
    The organisers of the UCI 2017 Road World Championships in Bergen lacked the necessary financial insight and were overly optimistic in the planning of the event, says a new report that looks into monetary and non-monetary effects of the event.
  • Photo:
    03.05.2018 /
    Through an in depth investigation, the people behind cycling site 'The Outer Line' have attempted to piece together the story of Michel Acquarone, the former director of Giro d’Italia, who was sacked over alleged mismanagement.
  • Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game
    28.11.2017 /
    Professional cycling needs to find an alternative funding model and embrace a wider audience was the conclusion of a panel on the business side of the sport.
  • Photo: Floris Oosterveld/Flickr
    16.12.2016 /
    A recent document by The Outer Line provides an independent analysis and review of road cycling’s only recognised athlete representation organisation.
  • Photo: Kallenovsky/Wikimedia
    By Joe Harris, Steve Maxwell
    26.04.2016 /
    More than a year after its release, it is reasonable to ask if the recommendations within the CIRC report have helped the UCI get the sport back on track? Not as much as needed, says The Outer Line in this comment piece, which proposes a detailed reform plan for pro cycling that will change both its governance and way of doing business, making it an “independent, self-governing and more economically-sustainable premier league sport”.
  • Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game
    26.10.2015 /
    Created in 1999, the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) has made great strides in unifying the fight against drugs in sports. A revised code, which took effect at the start of 2015, doubles the sanctions for first offences but allows for more lenient punishments in special cases. Will WADA’s revamped code make a difference, or does sport’s primary anti-doping organisation need more radical reform?
  • Photo: Richard Masoner/Flickr
    By Declan Hill
    08.04.2015 /
    The fight against match-fixing could be repeating the errors of the anti-doping fight, says Declan Hill, who in this article compares similarities between cycling's CIRI report and a yet undisclosed match-fixing investigation.

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