Laura Robinson seeks public funding for her defense against John Furlong

Laura Robinson is seeking public financial support for her legal battle against John Furlong. Photo: Play the Game / Thomas Søndergaard


Canadian freelance journalist Laura Robinson is asking the public for financial assistance in her legal battle against former CEO of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics organising committee John Furlong through a donations website.

Robinson is being sued by Furlong for defamation after writing an article, published in the Vancouver newspaper The Georgia Straight in September 2012, alleging that Furlong had physically abused First Nations children while working as a physical educations teacher at a Catholic School from the late 1960s.

The allegations were supported by signed affidavits from eight of Furlong’s former students and a number of anonymous statements.  Furlong initially also sued the Georgia Straight, but dropped the charges in order to accelerate his suit against Robinson.

As Robinson is a freelance journalist, she is not covered by the newspaper’s insurance policy and must therefore take care of all legal expenses on her own. Through the website ‘The Laura Robinson Defense Fund’, she is therefore seeking donations from the public for her defense.

“If Mr. Furlong wanted to "have this settled in court" as he purports to want, he should have set a trial date in December 2012; he should have set a date for discovery at the same time. He has done neither,” the website states.

In a written statement from her lawyer, Robinson said she “wants the case heard and decided by a judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

To that end she has obtained a trial date of January 19, 2015 and is waiting to see if Mr. Furlong will instruct his counsel to file and serve a Notice of Trial,”, writes the Global News.

For more information, visit The Laura Robinson Defense Fund website More about the Robinson vs. Furlong case on

  • Lu SanChin, Canada, 13.12.2013 08:03:
    This is not the first time robinson was wrong in her accusations. As i remember correctly she also accused a fire fighters unit of improper telephone use, suggesting it was used to solisit sex.
    She did lose that lawsuit then.
    She cant' hide behind being journalist and so called people have the right to know.
    Asking for public money is insulting.

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