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Photo: Tine Harden


Bloggers from different countries are following Play the Game.

Blogs in English:
American Professor Roger Pielke, Jr., from the University of Colorado, is blogging from the conference.

You can read his blog here

Blogs in German:
German journalist Jens Weinreich is also blogging from the conference.
Read his blog here

Other German live bloggers at the conference are: Jonathan Sachse

Blogs in Spanish:
Spanish journalist Javier Szlifman is also blogging from the conference.
You can read his blog by clicking here

Article series on Play the Game 2011 in El País, written by Martin Hardie:

Report from Day 1: Los indignados del fútbol y la Primavera Árabe
Report from Day 2: Raí y los beneficios públicos del deporte

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