Claims and counter-claims in Volleygate


By Kirsten Sparre
This timeline uses primary sources to trace the allegations and counter-allegations between the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and Mario Goijman, former President of the Argentinean Volleyball Federation.

The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and Mario Goijman, former President of the Argentinean Volleyball Federation, have been trading allegations and counter-allegations of corruption and wrongdoing since November 2002.

Below is a timeline that establishes and sources the main events in what Mario Goijman has labelled "Volleygate".

On his website,, Goijman has published all his allegations against FIVB with documentation in the form of copies of original invoices, statements and correspondence. He has also published the report from the investigation by IOC's Ethics Commission into potential misappropriations of IOC funds to FIVB.

FIVB has not published any original documents about their allegations against Mario Goijman for financial impropriety. Instead the timeline refers to a string of press releases published by FIVB on its website,







November 2002:

Mario Goijman files a criminal claim against FIVB president Ruben Acosta and FIVB general manager Jean-Pierre Seppey with a court in Switzerland.

Goijman accuses Acosta and Seppey of

  • falsifying the auditor's report on FIVB's financial status in 2000 before it was presented to the World Congress in 2002

  • withholding information about the payment of commissions to the FIVB president for a total amount of 8,32 million SFr

  • purchasing real estate in Lausanne for 1,7 million SFr whilst hiding from FIVB's board of administration that the property had belonged to the Acosta family since 1984

(Source: The Truth About Ruben Acosta and the FIVB from


7 November 2002:

FIVB suspends Mario Goijman pending investigations into accusations of breaches of FIVB and FAV agreements concerning the Men's World Championship staged in Argentina 2002.

(Source: FIVB Press Release 16.01.2003)


31 January 2003:

FIVB Finance Committee demands that Mario Goijman is expelled from FIVB for financial irregularities.

(Source: FIVB Press Release 3.02.2003)



4 May 2003:

FIVB Board of Administration expels Mario Goijman from FIVB

(Source: FIVB Press Release 4.05.2003) 


6 May 2003:

FIVB Board of Administration suspends the Argentinean Volleyball Federation for its support of Mario Goijman's behaviour

(Source: FIVB Press Release 6.05.2003)

20 August 2003:

FIVB authorises a new representative body to enter Argentinean teams into competition insted of the Argentinian Volleyball Federation

(Source:  IVB Press Release 20.08.2003)

March-October 2003:

Mario Goijman files a complain with the International Olympic Committee's  Ethics Commission and writes IOC president Jacques Rogge several times in order to make the IOC look into why 4,85 million SFr paid by the IOC to FIVB are not recorded in FIVB accounts 

(Sources: Decision of Notification to the Parties, IOC Ethics Commission

Mario Goijman's letter to Jacques Rogge, dated 22.09.2003

Mario Goijman's letter to Jacques Rogge, dated 15.10.2003)


21 October 2003:

IOC Ethics Commission appoints a rapporteur to look into Mario Goijman's complaint

(Source: Decision of Notification to the Parties, IOC Ethics Commission)


April 2004: 

FIVB and Acosta deny that IOC funds have been spent on commissions

(Source: FIVB Press Release 22.04.2004)

14 May 2004: 

IOC's Ethics Commission makes its recommendations on Mario Goijman's complaint and finds Acosta guilty of serious ethics offenses. The decision is forwarded for consideration by the IOC at a meeting in August 2004. However, the case is never discussed because of Acosta's resignation from the IOC.

(Source: International Olympic Committee. Ethics Committee decision nº/02/04 posted on


17 May 2004: 

Acosta resigns as a member of the International Olympic Committee because he has turned 70 and therefore will become ineligible to serve as IOC member at the end of the year

(Source: FIVB Press Release 17.05.2004)

13 December 2004: 

The Swiss Court dismisses Goijman's complaint against Acosta and FIVB. Goijman appeals the decision.



13 December 2004:

The Swiss Court dismisses Goijman's complaint against Acosta and FIVB.

(Source: FIVB Press Release 14.12.2004)

11 March 2005: 

The Swiss Court indicts FIVB President Ruben Acosta, FIVB General Manager Jean-Pierre Seppey and former FIVB controller Franz Schmied for falsifying documents and providing false information about commercial operations.

(Source: Tribunal of Accusation, February 9th, 2005 Session posted on





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