Presentations at Play the Game 2011

Monday 3 October - Opening day

Opening Session - Play the Game 2011 - Changing the Heart of Sport

Results of the International Sports Press Survey 2011 - Thomas Horky & Jörg-Uwe Nieland  

Responses to corruption in sport - Richard W. Pound

Plenary session: Match fixing - the biggest single threat to sport?

The extension of match fixing in German soccer - Werner Pitsch

The path towards greater sports integrity - André Noël Chaker

Main theme session: Volleygate

Volleygate: A scandal that never died - Mario Goijman

Workshop: Doping prevention

Peers as role models - Peer training as a possibility to improve the credibility of the sports system - Gerhard Treutlein

Treatment over punishment: Advancing new strategies in anti-doping - John Gleaves

"You wan't to win, don't you?": Critical need for a psychology of PED use in developing countries - Kaveri Prakash 


Tuesday 4 October

Plenary session: Chasing the White Elephants - Mega-events for public good

Mega-events: Which Brazil will we discover - Raí Souza Vieira de Oliveira

Sports mega-events and the increasingly loud 'Anti' voice - John Beech

The stadium legacy of megaevents: Bright future or future burden - Henrik H. Brandt

An early assessment of the economic impact of London 2012 - Stefan Szymanski

Sport and the EU

The new EU sport policy: Building network in turbulent times - Borja Garcia


Greeting from the German government - State Secretary: Cornelia Rogell-Grothe

Parallel session: Football and extremism

Attack from the right wing - political extremists in football - Ronny Blaschke

Violence and corruption, a network threatening Argentine football - Javier Szlifman

Plenary session: Fair play, fair pay: How to create growth in grassroot sport

Sport participation in Europe: Challenges from a policy perspective - Jeroen Scheerder

Financing of grassroot sport - the EU perspective - Jacob Kornbeck

'Referees' or visible sport politicians - who stimulates growth in sport participation - Mogens Kirkeby

Parallel session: International Sports Press Survey 2011 - global trends in sports journalism

Embaracing or dispising diversity? Sports broadcasts on public television, the case of Slovenia - Simon Licen

Regional sports coverage in Australia - Peter Lorentzen

Parallel session: Mega-events - voices from around the world

Inspiration is not enough: Why sports mega-events always promise but rarely achieve a legacy of increased participation in sport - Peter Donnely

The Youth Olympic Games: a vehicle for world peace - Ted Fay 

Parallel session: Gender in sport - a case of discrimination?

Justice for women at the London 2012 Olympics - Annie Sugier

Norwegian guidelines to prevent sexual harassment in sport - Anja Veum 

There's no crying in Baseball - Thomas Grant


Wednesday 5 October

Morning track 1 - Main theme session: Little difference, huge impact: The gender challenge to sport

Women on top, a challenge for men - Tine Rindum Teilmann

Women challenge the IOC in court: The case of ski jumping - Annette Hofmann

Sporting sexuality: The glorification of hockey and violence against women - Laura Robinson

Morning track 1 - Main theme session: The intersex challenge

Is there a need for a third sex in sport? - Arne Ljungqvist

Trying to verify the "proper" gender of athletes - George M. Facius. Text for the speech.

For gender self-declaration - Bruce Kidd

Morning track 2 - Partner workshop: Serious gaming - Playing away from the couch

Balance under zero gravity - Elmar Weltin

Morning track 2 - Main theme session: Brazil 2014 & 2016 - Samba for the few

Who are the owners of Olympism? - Katia Rubio

The Brazilian media is preoccupied with the White Elephants? - Tatiane Hilgemberg

Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics: Exploring tensions between global and local demands - Isabela Ledo

Global sport events/Local impacts: Reconstituting and securing urban space - Kimberly S. Schimmel

Plenary session: WADA reforms - Which changes are the most urgent in anti-doping policies?

How to improve the fight against doping - Wilhelm Schänzer

Adverse Analyzing - A European Study on the Reporting Practices and the Efficacy of Drug Testing Athletes - Jonas Hoffmann

Parallel session: Professional football, hopes and realities

Growing the global game fra the grassroots: Youth and pro soccer partnerships in New York - David Kilpatrick

Parallel session: Anti-doping - challenges and shortcomings

Cycling, health, anti-doping and medical monitoring - a better approach - Martin Hardie

Blood on their hands: Flawed statistical modeling endangering athletes everywhere - Steven Selthoffer

Recent tendencies in Lithuanian antidoping laws - Salomeja Zaksaite

Partner workshop: Myths and facts about sports participation

The MEASURE Network. Building scientific knowledge to help raise Europe's level of sport participation - Jeroen Scheerder, Koen Breedveld, Remco Hoekman 

Sports participation by guidelines and self-defined sports participation: differences and similarities - Remco Hoekman

Can you count on movement? - Maja Pilgaard Hove

Elderly on the move: Sport participation from a social integration perspective - Hanne Vandermeerschen & Jeroen Scheerder 

Megatrends in the future organisation of grassroot sport in Scandinavia - The commercial challenged and the association-crisis? - Kasper Lund Kirkegaard

Why do we really rank on top? Socio-cultural interpretations about the sport participation in Finland - Hanna Vehmas

Postmodern characteristics in the trend of sporting practices in Hungary - Szilvia Perényi

Parallel session: Meet the movie makers

The making of Rwanda 17 - Harshad Mistry

Parallel session: Transgender challenges

Gender (division) troubles in sports - Honorata Jakubowska 


Thursday 6 October

Workshop: Sport in development: Future threats and opportunities

A South African Perspective on “The Role of Universities in Sport, Development and Peace” - Lyndon Bouah

Reciprocal agency in sport for development: The role of NGOs beyond evangelism - Cora Burnett

Workshop: Mega-Events, a Double-Edged Sword

The mediatisation of women participation to mega events - Annie Sugier

Parallel session: FIFA under fire

The ball remains the same: The 91 years of reign of Leoz, Grondona and Teixeira - Ezequiel Fernandez Moores

How much is a vote worth? - Steve Menary

How can FIFA be held accountable? - Roger Pielke

Open forum

Social Media - new ways of (our) health community - Cristopher Grieben

Changing attitude can bring positive in the game - Anupam Hossain

Concussion Management in Professional Football - a legal perspective - Annette Greenhow

Challenges of international identity of Kosovar athletes - Driton Latifi

Change in Sport Day - part 1: Symptoms and diagnosis

Integrity and Good Governance: what’s in it for the International Sports Federations? - Ingrid Beutler

Parallel Session: Fixing and cheating

Curious case of draws at the ITF Grand Slam tournaments (2008-2011) Katarina Pijetlovic  

Online gambling and sports integrity in Europe - Khalid Ali

From Corruption to Triumph: Exposing the Corruption and Cover-Up in the Jason Lezak case - Steven V. Selthoffer

Change in Sport Day - part 2: Finding the cure

Governance of sport governance: The limits to autonomy - Jean-Loup Chappelet

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