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If you were unable to follow Play the Game live, a selection of debates have been made available here as audio or video on demand.

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Monday 3 October:

13.00-16.15: Opening Session: Play the Game 2011 - Changing the Heart of Sport, Video on-demand 

Part 1:Walter Tokarski, Jens Sejer Andersen, Doris Pack, James M. Dorsey, Thomas Horky, Jörg-Uwe Neiland (chair: Jürgen Mittag)

Part 2: Hans Bruyninckx, Richard W. Pound, William Gaillard (chair: Jens Sejer Andersen)

16.30-18.30: Plenary session: Match Fixing - the biggest single threat to sport? 

Video on-demand: André Noël Chaker, Werner Pitsch, Declan Hill (chair: Henrik H. Brandt)

20.00-20.40: Main theme session: Volleygate
20.40-21.45: Main theme session: The Middle East on the Move

Video on-demand: Mario Goijman, James M. Dorsey (Chair: Jens Weinreich, Jens Sejer Andersen)

20.00-21.45: Workshop: Doping prevention

Video on-demand: Gerhard Treutlein, John Gleaves, Annika Steinmann, Kaveri Prakash (chair: Michael Sauer)

Tuesday 4 October:

9.00-11.45: Plenary session: Chasing the White Elephants - Mega-events for the Public Good, Video on-demand 

Part 1: Raí Souza Vieira de Oliveira, John Beech, Henrik H. Brandt, Ian Nuttall (chair: Henrik H. Brandt)

Part 2: Stefan Szymanski, Cornelia Rogall-Grothe (chair: Henrik H. Brandt)

11.50-13.00: Parallel session: Football and extremism

Video on-demand: Ronny Blaschke, Monika Nizzardo, Javier Szlifman (chair: Ezequiel Fernandez Moores)

11.50-13.00: Parallel session: The structure of scandals

Audio file: Nikki Dryden, Rasmus Storm, Tom Markham (chair: Jörg-Uwe Nieland)

11.50-13.00: Workshop: Sport and the EU

Video on-demand: Borja Garcia, Jacob Kornbeck, Mogens Kirkeby (chair: Jürgen Mittag)

14.15-16.40: Plenary session: Fair Play, Fair Pay: How to create growth in grass root sport, Video on-demand

Part 1: Wilfried Lemke, Jeroen Scheerder, Jacob Kornbeck (chair: Morten Mølholm Hansen) 

Part 2: Mogens Kirkeby (panel with Wilfried Lemke, Jeroen Scheerder, Jacob Kornbeck and Mogens Kirkeby) (chair: Morten Mølholm Hansen) 

16.45-18.45: Workshop: Financial fair play, or football's foolish plan

Video on-demand: Sefton Perry, Stefan Szymanski,  John Beech, Christian Müller (chair: Antonia Hagemann)

16.45-18.45: Parallel session: International Sports Press Survey 2011 - global trends in sports journalism

Audio file: Thomas Horky, Jörg-Uwe Nieland (chairs and presenters), Simon Licen, Peter Lorentzen, Roy Panagiotopoulou, Rachel Payne

16.45-18.45: Parallel session: Mega-events - Voices from around the world

Audio file: Peter Donnelly, Sanjay Tewari, Kirstin Hallmann, Michael Burt, Russel Field, Ted Fay, Fernando Borges (chair: Ian Nuttall)

16.45-18.45: Parallel session: Gender in sport - a case of discrimination?

Video on-demand: Maja Pilgaard Hove, Annie Sugier, Anja Veum, Daniel Beck, Thomas Grant, Marko Begovic

Wednesday 5 October:

9.00-10.55: Main theme session: Little Difference, Huge Impact: The Gender Challenge to Sport

Video on-demand

Part 1: Daniela Schaaf, Jörg-Uwe Nieland, Tine Rindum Teilmann, Annette Hofmann (chair: Nikki Dryden)

Part 2: Laura Robinson (panel with Daniela Schaaf, Jörg-Uwe Nieland, Tine Rindum Teilmann, Annette Hofmann, Laura Robinson) (chair: Nikki Dryden)

9.00-10.15: Partner workshop: Serious gaming. Playing away the couch

Audio file: Josef Wiemeyer, Elmar Weltin (chair: Michael Sauer)

10.40-12.45: Main Theme Session: Brazil 2014 and 2016 - Samba for the few?

Video on-demand: Katia Rubio, Tatiane Hilgemberg, Isabela Ledo, Kimberly S. Schimmel, Fernando Molica (chair: Michael Groll)

11.00-12.45: Main theme session: The intersex challenge to sport?

Video on-demand: Arne Ljungqvist, Georg M. Facius, Bruce Kidd (chair: Nikki Dryden)

14.00-16.40: Plenary Session: WADA reforms - which changes are most urgent in anti-doping policies?

Video on-demand

Part 1: Olivier Niggli, Hajo Seppelt, Wilhelm Schänzer (chair: Declan Hill)

Part 2: Jonas Baer-Hoffmann, Perikles Simon (chair: Declan Hill)

Part 3: Panel with Olivier Niggli, Hajo Seppelt, Wilhelm Schänzer, Jonas Baer-Hoffmann, Perikles Simon, Arne Ljungqvist (chair: Declan Hill)

16.45-18.30: Parallel session: Anti-doping - Challenges and shortcomings

Video on-demand: Nils Zurawski, Martin Hardie, Christophe Brissonneau, Bertrand Fincoeur, Steven Selthoffer, Zalomeja Zaksaite (chair: Letizia Paoli)

16.45-18.30: Parallel session: Meet the sports movie makers

Audio file: Niels Christian Jung, Harshad Mistry, Hajo Seppelt, Robert Kempe, Monica Nizzardo (chair: Jens Weinreich)

16.45-18.30: Parallel session: Professional football, hopes and realities

Audio file: David Kilpatrick, Oluwafemi Eyitayo Ayoola Oladele, Nina Clara Tiesler, Marcela Mora y Araújo, Fawaaz Alhakami, Joachim Lammert, Gregor Hovemann (chair: Mogens Kirkeby)

16.45-18.30: Partner Workshop: Myths and facts about sports participation

Audio file: Remco Hoekman (speaker and chair), Maja Pilgaard Hove, Hanne Vandermeerschen, Jeroen Scheerder, Kasper Lund Kirkegaard, Hanna Vehmas, Szilvia Perényi

18.45-20.00: Workshop: Tech-Doping - Crime or fair competition?

Video on-demand: Gert-Peter Brüggemann, Klaus Wieweg (chair: Michael Sauer)

18.45-20.00: Parallel session: Transgender challenges

Audio file: Honorata Jakubowska, Zeljko Blace, Marc Naimark (chair: Daniela Schaaf)

18.45-20.00: Workshop: The use of data in investigative sports journalism

Video on-demand: Mirko Lorenz, Jens Weinreich, Hajo Seppelt, Robert Kempe  (chair: Wilfried Rütten)

Thursday 6 October:

9.00-10.30: Parallel session: FIFA under fire

Video on-demand 

Part 1: Ezequiel Fernández Moores, Steve Menary (chair: Andreas Selliaas)

Part 2: Roger Pielke, James Corbett, Osasu Obayiuwana (Panel with Ezequiel Fernández Moores, Steve Menary, Roger Pielke, James Corbett, Osasu Obayiuwana, Lasana Liburd) (chair: Andreas Selliaas)

9.00-10.30: Open Forum

Audio file: Shazad Ali, C. Grieben, Anupam Hossain, Annette Greenhow, Driton Latifi (chair: Kim Schimmel)

9.00-10.30: Workshop: Sport in Development - Future threats and opportunities

Audio file: Lyndon Bouah, Cora Burnett (chair: Karen Petry)

10.50-12.45: Change in Sport Day - part 1: Symptoms and diagnosis

Video on-demand

Part 1: Christer Ahl

Part 2: Andrew Jennings, Jens Weinreich (chair: Christer Ahl)

Part 3: Ingrid Beutler, Harold Mayne-Nicholls (chair: Christer Ahl)

14.00-15.10: Parallel session: Fixing and cheating

Video on-demand: Khalid Ali, Katarina Pijetlovic, Steven V. Selthoffer (chair: Mikkel Sarbo)

14.00-15.10: Parallel session: Sport and Social Change

Video on-demand: Lisa Hihl, Jocelyn East, Russel Holden, Karam Lahcen (chair: Jens Brinch)

14.00-15.10: Parallel session: Disability and visibility

Video on-demand: Christian von Sikorski, Inga Oelrichs, Jill M Le Clair, Ted Fay, Tatiane Hilgemberg (chair: Tine Rindum Teilmann)

15.30-18.20: Change in Sport Day - part 2: Finding the cure
18.20: Closing session

Video on-demand: Jean-Loup Chappelet, Anne Schwöbel, Jerome Champagne, Richard W. Pound (chair: Christer Ahl), Jens Sejer Andersen, Henrik H. Brandt, Andrew Jennings and Jens Weinreich (Play the Game Award), Jens Sejer Andersen


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