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The Play the Game magazine gives you extensive journalistic coverage of the seventh world communication conference on sport and society, which took place at German Sport University Cologne from 3-6 Otober 2011.

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4 New international study scrutinises mega-event stadiums
6 Brazil is set to repeat mistakes of previous mega-events
6 London stadium could be the next white elephant
7 Stadium security: To protect people or business interests?

8 The four words that are the end of sport
10 FIFA aid may pay for votes rather than matches
11 A democratic breakthrough for world football?
12 Tough ride for FIFA communications director
13 Play the Game Award for being right
14 The public has a right to ask questions about sports corruption
16 The Cologne Consensus
17 The IOC gives non-answer to Cologne Consensus
17 Reform of sport is a “biggie”

Sporting culture
18 Being a real woman: A matter of testing or self-declaration?
19 Sporno: Five places where sport meets pornography 
20 Sports participation is now on the European agenda
22 Sports values from words to action

24 Hooligans behind German racism and violence in Argentina
25 How football fuelled the Arab spring
26 55 percent of Europe’s football clubs spend more than they earn

Uphill battles
28 Doping: Dispatches from the frontline
29 Corruption crusader: The price has been too high 

Media and sport
30 Newspapers focus narrowly on sports results
32 It takes public spirit to ensure visibility for disabled athletes

The conference
34 Sponsors
35 Facts about Play the Game/Idan

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