Arno Hermans

Founder, Sport eXperience

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Looking to the past sport has not always been associated with technology but the world is changing fast.  Arno is an Engineer by trade and a sportsman from the heart so for him what could be more natural than combining the two!!  Well that’s just what Arno did in early 2016 when he set up Sport eXperience.

And Arno is not alone!  SportTechie is the world’s leading resource in the fascinating and fast growing world of sports and tech and they absolutely get the drive which lead Arno to build a community linking sports and technology.  When Arno met with SportTechie he said the following:

“My love for sports comes down to soccer and volleyball. As captain of the regional volleyball team, we became the Dutch champion in 1996. As an engineer, I’ve had the opportunity to discover different technologies in different sectors, and be involved in multiple sectors as well as set up a Sports Engineering department in 2011. During the years, I grew up with the energy of Start-ups. When you make that combination; sports, technology and Start-ups, there’s an accelerator born. By interviewing 100 stakeholders in 2015, I gained the confirmation that The Netherlands was ready for a Sports Accelerator.”

When unconventional thinking is necessary, when excellence in chaos creates opportunities and for those looking for creativity on command, that is where Arno feels at home. His strengths are to initiate, chase, organize, connect and push to add value to a company in motion. Basically, he is a born Business Initiator. His commitment and enthusiasm inspires people. With his technology background and commercial experience enabling him to connect both worlds.

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