Georg M. Facius

Independent investigator

His career as a sports leader started when he became President of a major athletic club (AGF) and since then he has been a leader in Danish and international athletics for more than 40 years. 

Besides that, he is the only international athletic judge from Denmark and one of his many assignments was as an ITO (judge controller) at the World Championships in Athens in 1997. Within the Danish Athletic Federation he has, for a number of years been Chairman of the Technical Committee, and before that, among many other tasks, Chairman of the Rules and Legislation Committee as well as International Advisor.
Within the European Athletic Association (EAA) he was member of the Competition Committee 1996-2004 and member of the EAA Anti-doping Working Group 2002-2008.
He is a strong critic of the shortcomings in doping control within the EAA - see:
In 2003 he raised questions at the world athletic congress about the rules and procedures concerning gender testing, and has since persued the problems surrounding this - 

Over the years he has been able to introduce a considerable number of changes in the International Competition Rules.
In all his work in athletics his main purpose has been to try to improve and ensure the safety and the rights of the athletes, among other things by working for clear and unmistakably competition rules and anti-doping rules, so that they provide the greatest possible security for the athletes, but on the other hand, concerning the anti-doping rules, also ensures that athletes who violates the rules, do not escape punishment due to mistakes or shortcomings in procedures or the like. Presentation Trying to verify the "proper" gender of athletes - Play the Game 2011 (PP Pdf.) Text for the speech (PP) Anti doping: confusion, opposition and violations - Play the Game 2009 (Pdf.)
Profile Columnist at ATLETIK NYT – the only Danish magazine on athletics
Freelance investigator - Gender Testing and Doping Control et al
Member of EAA Anti-doping Working Group 2002-2008
Member of EAA Competition Committee 1996-2004 
EAA Anti-doping Delegate
EAA Technical Delegate
EAA Area Technical Official
IAAF International Technical Official

President of AGF ATHLETIC CLUB, Aarhus
Meeting Director of AARHUS GAMES
Co-founder of EURO MEETINGS
Hon. secretary of WESTATHLETIC
Co-founder of EURO MEETINGS – now “Diamond League”

A former CEO of Danish Banking School


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