Rasmus K. Storm

Head of Research, Danish Institute for Sports Studies

Rasmusstorm Stortfoto

Rasmus K. Storm holds a position as Head of Research at the Danish Institute for Sports Studies (Idan). Moreover, he is Adjunct Associate Professor (20%) at NTNU Business School.

He earned his PhD from University of Southern Denmark in 2013 and holds an MSc in Public Administration from Roskilde University (2001).

He has managed several research projects on Danish elite sport, edited five books on sport, and has published in a variety of international sports science and sport management journals.

Storm is regularly interviewed in the Danish media. Moreover, he gives a large number of public lectures and writes regularly in Danish newspapers.

Most recent publications include:

1.    Jens Alm & Rasmus K. Storm: “From Standard to Directive: A Case Study on the Peculiar Policy Processes of Danish Stadium Funding”. Paper published online (ahead of print) in Journal of Global Sport Management, September 2017. http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/24704067.2017.1381569

2.    Rasmus K. Storm & Klaus Nielsen: “Er Skandinavien konkurrencedygtig? Danmark, Norge og Sveriges konkurrenceevne i international elitesport”. In: Busch, T., Olaussen, J. O. & Pettersen, I. J. (2017): ”Bred og spiss! NTNU Handelshøyskolen 50 år. En Vitenskabelig Jubilæumsantoligi”, pp. 363-380. Bergen: Fagbokforlaget. https://www.fagbokforlaget.no/Bred-og-spiss!-NTNU-Handelsh%C3%B8yskolen-50-%C3%A5r/I9788245023244

3.    Rasmus K. Storm, Frederik Thomsen & Tor Georg Jakobsen: “Do they make a difference? Professional Team Sports Clubs, Migration and Local Growth: Evidence from Denmark”. In: Sport Management Review, 2017, Volume 20(3), pp. 285-295. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.smr.2016.09.003

4.    Rasmus K. Storm, Klaus Nielsen & Frederik Thomsen: “Can a Small nation be Competitive in the Global Sporting Arms Race? The Case of Denmark”. In: Managing Sport and Leisure, 2016, Vol. 21(4), pp. 181-202. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/23750472.2016.1243993

5.    Rasmus K. Storm, Klaus Nielsen: “Profits, Championships and Budget Constraints in European Professional Sports”. In: Ulrik Wagner, Rasmus K. Storm & Klaus Nielsen (ed.): ”When Sport Meets Business – Capabilities, Challenges, Critiques”. London: SAGE, October 2016, pp. 153-166.

6.    Rasmus K. Storm, Ulrik Wagner & Klaus Nielsen: “When Sport Meets Business: A Brief Introduction”. In: Ulrik Wagner, Rasmus K. Storm & Klaus Nielsen (ed.): ”When Sport Meets Business – Capabilities, Challenges, Critiques”. London: SAGE, October 2016, pp. 3-10.

Twitter Account: @RasmusKStorm

LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rasmusstorm/

Profile at NTNU Business School: http://www.ntnu.no/ansatte/rasmus.k.storm

Profile at Danish Institute for Sports Studies: http://www.idan.dk/om-idan/medarbejdere/ledelse/rasmus-k-storm/

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