Conference manager

Maria Suurballe

Responsible for the practical planning of conferences and various administrative tasks.

+45 2020 6838

Maria Suurballe started at Play the Game in 2007 as conference coordinator. Employed at Danish Institute for Sport Studies (Idan) from 2011 as conference manager. She is in charge of all practical planning of national and international conferences under the auspices of both Idan, Play the Game and Vifo (Danish Institute for Non-Formal Education), and she is practical coordinator for Idan Forum meetings as well as various seminars, meetings at home and abroad.

Maria is also the office manager with a wide range of administrative tasks and staff care.

Occupational health and safety representative in the period 2012-2019.

Maria Suurballe has a master's degree in Spanish/Latin American Studies from Aarhus University and Theoretical Anthropology from the University of Oslo. She also has a journalistic education (6 months course) from the Danish School of Media and Journalism.

Maria has been employed as an information and administrative officer at Vejle County's two-year anti-abuse project 'Stormfulde Højder' and as an administrative employee at Byhøjskolen in Aarhus.


2020-2023: Lay assessor at the City Court in Aarhus

2013-2016: Lay assessor at the Western High Court in Aarhus

2009-2013: Lay assessor at the City Court in Aarhus

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Photo by Thomas Søndergaard