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Play the Game has suggested the creation of anti-corruption agencies for some time now. Governance problems are not something restricted solely to one area or organisation. They are problems faced by every sport.

The world needs a global agency to monitor corruption in sport. The World Anti Doping Agency should be a perfect example of this.

Cooperation between governments, organisations and sport is vital to the success of a movement of this magnitude. Sport, as a global entertainer, owes it to the spectator to embark on a journey to rid itself of any and all corruption.




In 2006 FIFA formed an Ethics Committee, later renamed Committee for Fair Play and Social Responsibility that works independently of the Executive Committee of FIFA. Coupled with this FIFA launched its Early Warning System GmbH (EWS) in 2007, designed to monitor betting on FIFA tournaments and ensure it does not have an effect on the matches.

Committee for Fair Play and Social Responsibility

Early Warning System



In UEFA’s latest executive meeting, in January of 2010, they restated their zero tolerance policy for any corruption in European football. Similar to FIFA, UEFA have taken steps to create an early detection system for betting fraud. President Michel Platini has admitted that it is a real problem and that, “We cannot treat this lightly.”

UEFA Fights Corruption



The International Cricket Council (ICC) is a self-proclaimed leader in the fight against corruption. In 2000 the ICC formed an anti-corruption unit following huge controversy. The Anti Corruption and Security Unit as they are called, aim to investigate, educate and prevent.

Anti-Corruption Overview



In 2008 ATP, the International Tennis Federation and the Grand Slam Committee appointed a Director for it’s new Tennis Integrity Unit, as well as adopted an Anti-Corruption Code across the sport. These moves were inline with the 15 recommendations that were handed down after the Environmental Review of Integrity in Professional Tennis report was published.

Tennis Integrity Unit



The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association adopted an anti-corruption unit in 2010 to investigate match-fixing allegations. Its primary purpose is to look into any suspicious betting patterns and match fixing allegations from the last few years. The unit will also work with the Gambling Commission’s integrity unit to investigate any cases of alleged corruption.

Anti-Corruption Unit



2010 saw the major Australian sport leagues come together to fight corruption. The Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports was formed by the Australian Football League, Australian Rugby Union, Cricket Australia, Football Federation Australia, National Rugby League, Netball Australia and Tennis Australia. The industry-represented group will aim to uphold the integrity in sports gaming as its number one priority.

The Coalition of Major Professional & Participation Sports



The European Sports Security Association (ESSA) was established in 2005, by major European sports book operators to monitor irregular betting and inside betting. ESSA looks to be the guardian of sports integrity by utilizing an early warning system to alert its members of any suspicious betting. FIFA, UEFA, EPFL, The FA, DFB, ATP, ITF, WTA and IOC all are participatory members in ESSA.

European Sports Security Association



The International Olympic Committee (IOC) created the Ethics Commission in 1999 to guard the ethical principles of the Olympic movement. Its main purpose is to make recommendations of measures and sanctions to both the IOC Executive Board and Session. The Commission also has other functions. The first being to continuously update the Code of Ethics and circulate these texts to all involved with the IOC. On top of this the Commission has the authority to prevent and advise confidentially to the IOC. The IOC as also adopted an early warning system called International Sports Monitoring GmbH (ISM) that like many similar systems is designed to detect any irregular betting. If something is flagged ISM alerts the IOC so it can investigate the case.

The Ethics Commission

International Sports Monitoring




Match-fixing arrests and allegations continue
The match-fixing plague dogging football has led to further arrests in China and Turkey and more...

John Higgins suspended over snooker match-fixing allegations
The world's number one snooker player, John Higgins, has been suspended by snooker's world governing body following allegations that he and his manager Pat Mooney agreed to accept money to influence the outcome of matches.

Taiwan's president vows to clean up match-fixing in baseball
In Taiwan, President Ma Ying-jeou has put his whole administration behind an effort to clean up match-fixing in the country's professional baseball league. Taiwan News reports that Vice President Eric Liluan Chu will head up a...

Match Fixers Play on a Loser
Match fixing is emerging everywhere football is played and can no longer be disregarded as one-offs. More often than not match fixing occurs in less prominent leagues and lower divisions and bets are set on teams to loose. It is all about calculating the odds.

Match Fixing Tactics 
Declan Hill, former journalist and current Oxford University academic spoke in detail at the latest Play the Game conference about the mechanisms involved in fixing a football match, and the vast sums of money that can be made if a match is fixed well.




J’accuse FIFA
“Match-fixers will be at the World Cup in South Africa. They will be there approaching players, referees and team officials and trying to bribe them to fix matches. They will be there because there has been no effective action on...

Match-fixing has good odds in German lower leagues
American newspaper, the New York Times went to Germany to take a closer look at the state of German football in the wake of the match-fixing scandal.

Declan Hill: I told you so
"I told you so", Declan Hill says in a press statement on the large probe into match-fixing leading to 17 arrests and confiscation of documents, cash and valuables after 50 raids in three European countries.

The Chines Gamble so Much on Football That no one Wants to Watch it
Chinese football has become a showcase of what happens when match fixing is allowed to continue for too long. Fans and sponsors have almost given up on the sport, and in a new attempt to turn the tide, the China Foolball Association (CFA)
 and the Chinese police set up a task force in October 2006 to stamp out football corruption.

Betting is Also Threatened by Match Fixing
Match fixing is an old practice that has become easier because it is possible gamble on losers.
 The fixing of matches has become easier and is rapidly becoming a serious threat to the sport.




What they don't say
First, FIFA’s early warning system is practically useless. They don’t investigate. They don’t protect the players. If you are a whistle-blower and you come forward to expose your fears, don’t expect protection and don’t expect the situation to improve.

FIFA sets up match-fixing hotline
To step up the fight against match-fixing before the 2010 World Cup, FIFA has set up a confidential hotline for players, coaches and referees to use if someone attempts to bribe them.

FIFA calls in Interpol to combat illegal betting
FIFA has been forced to call in international crime-fighters Interpol to form a task-force to combat a wave of match-fixing and bribery that is sweeping through the game.

A tale of two football associations
Recognition or denial? Two very different approaches on how to tackle the threat of match fixing in football met journalist and author Declan Hill promoting his book "The Fix" in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Sports federations should work more closely together to combat corruption
Tennis was applauded by IOC President Rogge for its anti-match-fixing effort.

Professional Referees to Counter Match Fixing
Sepp Blatter suggests that professional referees could put an end to match fixing. In England, the FA has a group of paid referees and so far no instances of match fixing. But in light of recent match fixing scandals, a refereeing career is short and may not pay enough to prevent future scandals.