• Photo: Gerhard Stratt/Flickr
    07.08.2017 /
    A former head of infrastructure in the city of Rio de Janeiro has been arrested and accused of taking bribes linked to Olympic construction projects.
  • Photo: Jill Christina Hansen/Copencold Hawaii
    20.06.2017 /
    The row over which federation should govern Stand-up Paddle has gone to the next level with the implicated parties asking the Court of Arbitration for Sport to mediate in the conflict.
  • Photo: Shawn Carpenter/Flickr
    08.05.2017 /
    John Coates has been re-elected as president of the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) and is now facing the task of uniting the AOC and bring about sought after change.
  • Photo: Jill Christina Hansen/Copencold Hawaii
    02.05.2017 /
    Is it surfing with a paddle or canoeing on a board? A feud in international sport on stand up paddling brings up the question of who owns a sport in a world of monopoly sports federations.
  • Photo: OCA
    18.04.2017 /
    A new strategic partnership between Chinese Alisports and the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) will bring e-sports to the 2022 Asian Games.
  • Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game
    04.04.2017 /
    A governance review of the Olympic summer sports reveals some good practices but also “significant room for improvement” across the 28 international sports federations who have filled in questionnaire that forms the basis of the review.
  • Photo: Larry Koester/Flickr
    08.03.2017 /
    Ria Van Landeghem was suspended ahead of the ’88 Seoul Olympics due to results of her doping test. The athlete has contested the result ever since. Now, after almost 30 years, her suspension has been deemed ‘unjustified’.
  • Photo: Adam Groffman/Flickr
    01.03.2017 /
    After consultative meetings with human rights and labour organisations, the IOC, for the first time, has included an explicit reference to the protection of human rights principles in the Olympic Host City Contract.

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