National Identity

  • Photo: Football Collective
    05.12.2016 /
    Questionable treatment of immigrants in Italian football was laid bare at the first conference of the new Football Collective in Manchester, England.
  • Photo: Quinn Cowper/Flickr
    14.09.2015 /
    Analysis: India has the potential to emerge as the next superpower in sport, but corruption and the lack of governing reforms have come in between. Murali Krishnan analyses sports politics in a country that has been called sport’s ‘sleeping giant’.
  • Photo: David Wilson/Flickr
    By Christer Ahl
    19.03.2015 /
    Can Europeans and Americans overcome rooted traditions and learn from each other when it comes to developing elite sport and sport for all? Born in Europe and living in America for 40 years, Christer Ahl this time discusses the very different approaches to sports across the Atlantic.
  • Photo: vancityhotshots/Flickr
    08.12.2014 /
    Tokyo’s hosting of the Olympic Games in 1964 was a PR triumph, which reflected on the entire population’s self-confidence. The Japanese government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s vision for the 2020 Games is to repeat this success, but it will be a Japan with all its strengths, weaknesses and inner conflicts that opens its doors to the world.
  • 18.11.2013 /
    In just 12 weeks, the opening ceremony for the Sochi Olympics will bid athletes and fans from all around the world welcome to the most expensive Olympic Games ever.
  • By Andreas Selliaas
    02.09.2013 /
    The Olympic protests over Russian anti-gay laws can soon be replaced by protests over Russian handling of the situation in Syria. The Syria-question has the potential to become the biggest political issue in the run-up to the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014 Syria in the UN Security Council
  • By David Rowe
    28.08.2013 /
    Calls for boycott of a mega-event because of the host country's national politics are never far away, and the image battle rages in the media. In this article from The Conversation, David Rowe examines the relationship between sport and politics.
  • 27.05.2013 /
    After what is surely the longest wait of any country that has actually applied to join one of FIFA’s six confederations, the Gibraltar Football Association were today - 14 years after first applying – accepted into UEFA.

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