• 06.09.2017 /
    Head of La Liga claimed to have produced analysis showing that Paris Saint-Germain’s acquisition of Brazilian striker is "financial doping" and served several blows to the Qatari-owned club when speaking at the Soccerex Convention today.
  • Photo: G Traveler/Flickr
    03.11.2016 /
    An inquiry into spiraling costs for converting the main 2012 London Olympic stadium into a Premier League football ground has finally been ordered more than two years after the problem was first revealed.
  • Photo: Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasíl/Flickr
    By Juliana Barbassa
    26.08.2016 /
    The Rio de Janeiro Olympics were sold to the population as an opportunity to transform the city and build lasting legacies. Now that the Games are over, not even winning the Olympic gold in the national sport, football, can cover up the disappointment over the missed opportunities, the failed promises, and the tremendous cost, says Juliana Barbassa in this comment piece in which she asks if it was all worth it. Her answer is no.
  • Photo: COLOURBOX
    04.08.2016 /
    The Olympics have the highest average cost overrun of any type of mega-project – something that, according to researchers from SAID Business School and Oxford University, should be a cause for caution for anyone considering hosting the Games.
  • Photo: Boston 2024 logo/Wikimedia
    20.08.2015 /
    In a state-backed report, consultants find the Boston 2024 bid’s costs to be underestimated and the benefits overestimated. Boston 2024 organisers say the report missed out on details and is flawed.
  • Photo: Alexander L/Flickr
    16.08.2014 /
    With the ten-year anniversary for the Athens Summer Olympics coming up, media fills with stories about the questionable legacy of these games featuring photos of abandoned Olympic facilities left to fade away while Greece is struggling to balance what is left of a broken economy.
  • Photo: Wikimedia
    By Martin Müller
    25.06.2014 /
    Four years before the opening match, the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia has already produced significant cost overruns and construction work is falling behind deadlines. Overall, it looks set to become the most expensive World Cup ever, says Martin Müller from the University of Zürich in this comment piece.
  • 05.03.2014 /
    The Olympic Winter Games cost on average five times more than the organisers indicate. This includes Sochi 2014, which also experienced a quintupling of their costs. The IOC wants this to change, but has been powerless for decades.

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