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Sports reform: How to change the tone at the top?

31 October 2013

Play the Game’s international director Jens Sejer Andersen has called on politicians and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to take a greater role in funding investigations into sports governance and ensure the safety of...[more]

At Wednesday's final session, experts spoke on sports reform and the way forward. Photo: Play the Game / Thomas Søndergaard

The Armstrong Case – What lessons can be learned?

28 October 2013

Seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong was one of the world’s greatest sporting icons – a global superstar who banked 700 million dollars from employers and sponsors during his career. Armstrong was a cancer warrior, a...[more]

Despite Armstrong's confessions, the doping era is not over, said William Bock, USADA General Counsel at Play the Game 2013. Photo: Play the Game / Thomas Søndergaard

Proposed rule-change might help McQuaid back in the president’s seat at UCI

30 July 2013

A newly proposed amendment to the UCI constitution saying that presidential candidates can be nominated by any two federations could mean that incumbent president Pat McQuaid might still have a chance to run for president without...[more]

Proposed rule change may allow McQuaid to run for re-election as UCI president without the support of his home federation. Photo: Colourbox

McQuaid-challenger calls for new anti-doping measures in cycling

23 July 2013

Brian Cookson, head of British Cycling, promises a full investigation into cycling’s doping past and a new and more active approach in the fight against doping should he succeed in ousting incumbent UCI president Pat McQuaid in...[more]

The challenger for the UCI presidency, Brian Cookson, has released a detailed plan for how he wants the UCI to engage in the fight against doping in the future. Photo:press image from

New report maps massive doping abuse in Dutch cycling’s past

19 June 2013

New report from Dutch anti-doping commission has investigated the doping culture in Dutch cycling and argues that up to 95 % of Dutch cyclist used doping during the EPO-years in the late 1990s. Through interviews, the commission...[more]

The crisis in cycling has made the Dutch bank Rabobank give up its position as the leading cycling sponsor, writes a new report on doping in Dutch cycling. Photo: jimgrant/Flickr

Australian government urges sports to lift governance standards or risk losing funding

18 March 2013

The seven Australian Olympic sports receiving the most public funding have been warned by the Australian government to improve their governance or risk losing a significant portion of the money.  Athletics, swimming,...[more]

Swimming is among the seven sports that have been urged to improve its governance standards. Photo: Asten/Flickr

UCI boss Pat McQuaid revealed to have received IOC ban

04 March 2013

International Cycling Union (UCI) president Pat McQuaid received a ban from the IOC in 1976 after breaking the international bans on competing in apartheid South Africa, reveals the British investigative journalist Andrew...[more]

UCI president Pat McQuaid. Photo: Colourbox

Danish cyclist Michael Rasmussen cooperates with anti-doping authorities

31 January 2013

The Danish professional cyclist Michael Rasmussen has confessed to Anti Doping Denmark and the NOC and Sports Confederation of Denmark (DIF) about his extensive use of doping for many years, and a case will now be opened against...[more]

Danish cyclist Michael Rasmussen admits to 12 years of doping. Photo: Flickr/Rune

WADA blasts UCI over ‘deceitful’ statements – UCI denies accusations

30 January 2013

WADA president John Fahey fervently denies that WADA had agreed to work with the International Cycling Union, UCI, on a new Truth and Reconciliation Commission to replace UCI’s Independent Commission. He also criticizes the...[more]

UCI president Pat McQuaid rejects WADA's accusations. Photo: Colourbox

UCI dissolves independent commission

29 January 2013

Only a few months after establishing the International Cycling Union Independent Commission (UCIIC) to look into the allegations set forward against the UCI in the USADA report, the UCI has disbanded the commission in exchange...[more]

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