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AIBA passes judgements on 15 ethics cases

17 December 2008

Despite the reform set out to clear the association of misconduct, AIBA still has fights to fight within the association. A letter from the AIBA president to the national federations lists 15 unethical cases all involving AIBA...[more]

IOC ranks last on accountability

12 December 2008

A report published this week by One World Trust, a British independent think tank, ranks the IOC as the least transparent among 30 organisations, scoring just 32 % of 100%.[more]

Beijing must Open Door to Media Freedom, says report on Olympics

27 November 2008

China’s Olympic Games performance took the world by storm, but it gets mixed reviews in a report issued today on official treatment of overseas journalists and media covering the Games.[more]

Play the Game suggests global coalition for sports governance

13 October 2006

Time has come to form a global coalition for good governance in sport based on the model of WADA. So says Jens Sejer Andersen, director of Play the Game, who launched the idea in a speech at the recent conference “Play Fair with...[more]

Eccentric chess president wants to be president of IOC

29 September 2006

The president of the World Chess Federation (FIDE), Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, has plans to stand as president of the IOC in order to attract more attention to chess as a sport. And the ploy might work. Ilyumzhinov is an eccentric who...[more]

Calls on FIFA to lift its intolerable ban on Jennings

29 September 2006

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has written to FIFA to demand that it lifts its intolerable ban on investigative reporter Andrew Jennings and allows him back in at FIFA press conferences. Jennings is the only...[more]

FIFA does not feel obliged to work with difficult journalists

08 September 2006

FIFA does not see any reason to comment further on allegations in Andrew Jennings’ book, “Foul!”, and also maintains its right not to enter into discussions with or answer to journalists who oppose FIFA and severely violates the...[more]

Greed vs Good Governance in Kenyan Football

10 November 2005

Kenyan Bob Munro speaks about the culture of corruption in Kenyan football. Kenyan football clubs and players suffered for decades from bad playing fields, biased referees and mismanagement of their leagues and KFF funds. But...[more]

Jennings to FIFA: Exercise transparency through website

09 November 2005

Andrew Jennings, the investigative British reporter who has long been a thorn in the side of the International Football Federation, FIFA, wants to drag the federation into the 21st century and demands that it starts utilising the...[more]

Politics and Corruption in FIFA

15 November 2000

Sport reporters Jens Weinreich and Thomas Kistner review the strange ways television rights are sold in FIFA, president Blatter's election in 1998 and the circumstances around the selection of Germany as host for the World...[more]

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