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The IOC neither for nor against the call from Play the Game 2011

15 November 2011

Play the Game has received a friendly, but unclear answer to the proposal of a global code for good governance in sport which ended the Play the Game 2011 conference.[more]

Photo: Tamas Szafko

FIFA announces reform process against corruption

21 October 2011

A new committee on good governance supplemented by four task forces is going to propose reforms in FIFA, FIFA-president Sepp Blatter said at a press conference on Friday. He also announced that the so-called ISL case will be...[more]

Photo: Ed Coyle/Flickr

Surveying media coverage of Play the Game: Another story about football

19 October 2011

Bringing change to the heart of sport was the slogan for the 2011 Play the Game conference. Judging from media coverage of the conference, there is little doubt that the heart of sport lies in football, and its main affliction is...[more]

Photo: Play the Game/Tine Harden

FIFA and Jennings clash over claims that FIFA is like the mafia

06 October 2011

In a sensational session at Play the Game, FIFA’s new communications director, Walter De Gregorio, confronted Andrew Jennings during a session on corruption in FIFA and refuted the veteran investigative journalist’s claim that he...[more]

Andrew Jennings and FIFA's new Director of Communications, Walter De Gregorio, clash outside the main auditorium at Play the Game. Photo: Tine Harden

FIFA's Director of Communications promises to speak at the next Play the Game conference

06 October 2011

After years of trying to engage FIFA in open debate about issues of governance in world football, organisers of the Play the Game conference were surprised to learn that FIFA's new Director of Communications and Public Affairs...[more]

Walter De Gregorio has told Play the Game that he intends to take part in the 2013 conference. Photo: Tine Harden

Former Olympic swimmer questions use of funds in FINA

05 October 2011

The governing body of aquatic sports is getting richer and becoming less unaccountable, a former Olympic swimmer told Play the Game.[more]

Nikki Dryden, a former Olympic swimmer, would like to see more current athletes “coming out against being used as a commodity”. Photo: Tine Harden

What are the prospects for FIFA reform?

29 September 2011

That FIFA has governance problems is now generally recognized, but what are the prospects for reforms, asks Roger Pielke in this analysis based on the paper 'How Can FIFA be Held Accountable?', which will be presented at Play the...[more]

Photo: Roger Pielke, Jr.

Strengthen your knowledge, find the stories and expand your network among top minds in international sport

22 September 2011

With less than two weeks to go, it is time to register for a unique occasion to network directly with sports political heavyweights, leading experts and top media professionals in international sport.[more]

Photo: Nietnagel/Flickr

The integrity of sport requires good governance

20 September 2011

It would be disastrous if politicians took over the governing of sport. To avoid such a worst case scenario, it is essential that sport federations at all levels work a lot more with good governance, argues Niels Nygaard,...[more]

Photo: DIF

Top football officials Gaillard and Champagne join Play the Game 2011

16 September 2011

Corruption in various forms is right now on top of the international sports agenda. Some of world football’s most experienced officials will address the challenge at Play the Game 2011.[more]

William Gaillard, here talking at Play the Game 2009, will also take part in the debates at Play the Game 2011 in Cologne 3-6 October. Photo: Play the Game/Jens Astrup.

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