“Awarding Beijing the 2008 Olympics was the right choice,” concludes IOC evaluation committee

Wang Wei Presenting the Beijing 2008 report (c)IOC/R. Juilliart


By Ida Relsted Kærup
No mention of issues with press restrictions as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games were officially evaluated by both the BOCOG and by the IOC evaluation commission for the Beijing Olympics.

In 2001, when Beijing was awarded the 2008 Olympic Games, hopes were raised of the mega event becoming a catalyst for social change. Whether or not the Games succeeded in that respect, along with a general evaluation, were discussed Wednesday at the IOC Session.

According to Wang Wei the Games did serve as a catalyst for improvements. Mr. Wang Wei served as Secretary General of Beijing 2008 Olympic Bid Committee, as Executive Vice President and Secretary General of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games.
The areas where the Games have been recognized as a catalyst for improvements were: city infrastructure, environmental progress and awareness, higher level of information technology, a general economic boost, promotion of sports for all, social progress in regards of disabled people, and enhanced cultural exchange between China and other nations.
The Olympic ambition, as presented by Mr. Wang Wei, was for the legacy to last: “Let the Olympic spirit stay in Beijing forever. Let the Olympic legacy last forever.”

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