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Thousands of children have been traded already

23 April 2014

UPDATED: FIFA has punished FC Barcelona for trading children. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. The trade of minors is standard practice in European football – and has been for years. Now, for...[more]


Calls for more reforms in FIFA

15 April 2014

The largest ever football conference in the United States drew interesting proposals for change at FIFA ahead of next year’s presidential election at the world body.[more]

Pele at the Hofstra conference. Photo: Steve Menary

Children are something you sell…

10 April 2014

Major European clubs and anonymous investment funds are fighting across cities, countries and continents over football’s new gold – talented minors.[more]

FC Barcelona trains a number of kids each year in its football academy, La Masia. Photo: La Masia, FC Barcalona's youth academy in Spain by hiytel/Flickr

Olympic House of Cards

10 April 2014

The race for the 2022 Olympic started this week. The SportAccord International Convention in Belek, Turkey is the first opportunity for the different bid committees to meet the fresh IOC commission...[more]

SportAccord president Marius Vizer (left), ANOC president Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah (right) and IOC president Thomas Bach form the "international power triangle" in Olympic politics, writes Andreas Selliaas. Photo (c)

World leaders in volleyball threatened by Brazilian corruption scandal

18 March 2014

The FIVB General Director Fábio Azevedo is accused of taking a million-dollar bribe in a domestic case from Brazil that now leads to an investigation of FIVB President Ary Graça.[more]

Photo: Grzegorz Jereczek/Flickr

FIFA and the Lifting of the Ban on the Hijab

12 March 2014

The saga of FIFA and the hijab, the traditional head-covering worn by many Muslim women that also refers in some countries to the entire style in which Muslim women dress, goes back at least seven...[more]

The Iran women football team at the 2010 Youth Olympics. Photo: Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010/Flickr

Olympic Winter Games always more expensive than promised

05 March 2014

The Olympic Winter Games cost on average five times more than the organisers indicate. This includes Sochi 2014, which also experienced a quintupling of their costs. The IOC wants this to change, but...[more]

The budget for hosting the Winter Games is always overrun, says sports historian Jurryt van de Vooren. Photo: Atos International/Flickr

Reinventing the Olympic Games

04 March 2014

The Olympic Games need to be reinvented in order to ensure their continuing longevity, says Swiss professor Jean-Loup Chappelet in this comment piece discussing ways to innovate the Games while...[more]

Photo: ricky.montalvo/Flickr

The Day after Sochi: Time to take the Olympic Charter Seriously!

03 March 2014

"It is only by submitting the IOC to the close scrutiny of the global public sphere that it might be coerced into enforcing its own constitution: The Olympic Charter," writes Antoine Duval in this...[more]

The Olympic Rings displayed in Sochi. Photo: kenyee/Flickr.

The Sochi inspiration won't get Canadians off the couch

26 February 2014

"Sports leaders, governments and advertisers have to stop pretending that winning medals will somehow magically “inspire” increased take-up," write Peter Donnelly and Bruce Kidd in this comment piece...[more]

Canada won 25 medals at the Sochi Games, but while the medal number has increased during past years, Canada has seen a decrease in grassroots sports participation. Photo: Canada win Women's curling gold, Sochi 2014 by Andy Miah/Flickr.

Chicken Kiev

21 February 2014

The current conflict in Ukraine and the IOC's reaction to it, evokes questions about the actual meaning behind the words in the Olympic Truce. Andreas Selliaas comments.[more]

Photo: Andy Miah/Flickr

Mounting workers’ deaths increase pressure on Qatar, FIFA and Asian countries

21 February 2014

Qatar will have to face the critique of the working conditions under which many foreigners work in the country. This could bring out discussions about the very nature of Qatari politics and society,...[more]

Reports of deaths add pressure to improve conditions for foreign workers in Qatar. Photo: Shell/Flickr

Harsh criticism of governance reforms in cricket

14 February 2014

The decision by the governing body of cricket, the International Cricket Council (ICC) to give the ‘Big Three’ of cricket, India, England and Australia, a dominant position in the organisation is met...[more]

Photo: TGIGreeny/Flickr

Sochi 2014 costs more than the first 90 years of Winter Games

07 February 2014

The budget of the Olympic Games in Sochi is higher than all the Winter Games from 1924 until 2010 put together. Sochi 2014 is estimated to costs around 40 billion euro, where the 21 previous Winter...[more]


Downsizing Olympics: The Olympic spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak

07 February 2014

The overspending and political abuse at the Sochi Winter Olympics go right against every recommendation made by the international community in Berlin last year. Governments from all over the over the...[more]

By praising the Russian organisers and President Putin personally for their commitment, Bach gives an Olympic blessing to a construction process marked by massive political power abuse, writes Jens Sejer Andersen in this comment. Photo: Russian Presidential Press and Information Office

Sport, Sochi and the rising challenge of the activist athlete

06 February 2014

Athletes are more and more often using their fame to advance social causes. In this article from The Conversation, David Rowe examines the Sochi Olympics and the challenge of the activist athlete.[more]

Australian rugby star David Pocock is among the international sportspeople supporting the Principle 6 campaign – citing the Olympic Charter – against Russia’s anti-gay laws. Photo: Twitter/@pocockdavid

Olympic sponsors must push for human rights, report recommends

03 February 2014

(Updated 4 February 2014)[more]

Do sponsors have a responsibility to work for human rights? Photo: agroffman/Flickr

United States of Olympic Security

30 January 2014

Miles of chain link fences, Level 1 event eligible for assistance from the Department of Homeland Security and federal agencies, metal detectors, x-ray machines, radiation detectors, no-fly zones,...[more]

Photo: The Russian Presidential Press and Information Office

Canadian journalist sues former Olympic CEO for defamation

29 January 2014

Investigative journalist Laura Robinson has launched a defamation suit against John Furlong, former CEO of the Vancouver 2010 Games as the latest step in a 14-month long legal battle initiated by...[more]

Laura Robinson (photo) has filed a defamation suit against John Furlong. Photo by Play the Game / Thomas Søndergaard

Time for sport to heed 'people power'

29 January 2014

AIPS Football Commission Chairman Keir Radnedge comments on the need for sport and major events to treat the people as partners rather than paving stones[more]

Protests in Brazil before the Confederations Cup in June 2013. Photo: Fernando Frazão/Flickr

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