• By Declan Hill
    08.02.2013 /
    In this comment piece, match-fixing expert Declan Hill asks why the man, who is allegedly one of the main characters behind the extensive match-fixing recently exposed by Europol, continues to avoid arrest given the international warrants issued against him.
  • By Steve Menary
    19.12.2012 /
    Comment: Despite being a provisional member of UEFA, Gibraltar is being denied the chance to play international friendly matches due to a farcical mix-up between the European body and FIFA.
  • By Andreas Selliaas
    13.11.2012 /
    Comment: There have been talks about setting up a match-fixing’s counterpart to WADA. Can SportAccord be a key player is this with the UCI top in its council, Andreas Selliaas asks in this comment piece, arguing that there might be a credibility issue due to the revelations and allegations following the Armstrong case.
  • By Christer Ahl
    03.10.2012 /
    Losing a game intentionally in such a way that there is no legal evidence, is one of the inherent weaknesses in sports, writes handball expert Christer Ahl in this comment piece and calls for better means to detect cases like the recent one involving Montpellier players.
  • By Andreas Selliaas
    22.08.2012 /
    It is not always easy to see where the line is drawn for the Olympic spirit, as several cases have shown us during this year’s Olympic Games, Andreas Selliaas concludes in this comment piece discussing what fair play means in reality.
  • By Bonita Mersiades
    08.08.2012 /
    Australia, one of the world’s leading sports nations, has so far not lived up to its own expectations at the London 2012 Olympics. This has caused serious public debate and prompted the president of the Australian Olympic Committee to call for giving school sports a higher priority. In this comment piece Bonita Mersiades agrees, but not for the rationale of winning medals.
  • By Andreas Selliaas
    03.08.2012 /
    In this comment, Andreas Selliaas discusses the Olympic badminton ‘scandal’ and questions whether the tactics of the badminton players are so different than swimmers and 100m runners saving their strengths for the finals.
  • By Peter Donnelly
    30.07.2012 /
    The claim that Olympic medals won by Canadian athletes will inspire increased sports participation by Canadians is not clearly supported by statistics. In this comment, Peter Donnelly looks at the legacy of mass participation and how this might be accomplished.
  • By Andrew Jennings, Nikki Dryden
    25.07.2012 /
    In an new critical report, a group of Olympians, academics, athletes, journalists and students lead by human rights lawyer and former Olympic swimmer Nikki Dryden and investigative journalist Andrew Jennings put focus on how well the individual members of the International Olympic Committee live up to the Olympic ideals. In this comment, Dryden and Jennings explain their motivation behind the project and present what they call ‘the Real IOC’.
  • By Jens Sejer Andersen, International director, Play the Game
    12.07.2012 /
    Comment: The publication of the ISL dossier leaves FIFA with a number of inconvenient questions, including the most sensitive: Can FIFA accept a president who allowed his allies to steal massive values from his own enterprise?

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