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Rasmus Damsgaard


Rasmus Damsgaard
PhD in medicine, Head of Information at Anti-Doping Denmark


Anti-Doping Denmark



Curriculum Vitae:


THG: More Talk - Less Drug - Play the Game 2005 (PP Pdf.)


B. 1966
Education and positions held

2000-present: Anti Doping Danmark (ADD), Head of Information

2000: Specialist Registrar at Amager Hospital, Dept. of Internal Medicine

1997-2000: Enrolled as PhD student, University Hospital of Copenhagen, Dept. of Growth and Reproduction, Denmark. Thesis title: Children in competitive sports. Growth, pubertal development, body proportions, body composition, endocrinology, bone mineralisation and nutrition

1998-present: Doping control officer in Team Danmark/ADD

1996-1997: Co-worker in Team Danmarks Test Centre performing physiological profiles of the Danish elite from various sports

1994-1996: Resident at Amager Hospital, Copenhagen

1986-1994: University of Copenhagen, Medical School.


Damsgaard R. Children in competitive sports - Editorial. The American Journal of Medicine and Sports. 2002, in press.

Damsgaard R, Bencke J, Matthiesen G, Petersen JH, Muller J. Body proportions, body composition and pubertal development of children in competitive sports. Scand J Med Sci Sports. 2001 Feb;11(1):54-60.

Damsgaard R, Bencke J, Matthiesen G, Petersen JH, Muller J. Is prepubertal growth adversely affected by sport? Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2000 Oct;32(10):1698-703.

Abstracts, posters and presentations

Damsgaard R, Nielsen TK, Saltin B. Variation in blood variables in elite cross-country skiers during season. Greece, 2002

Damsgaard R, Bencke J, Mller J. IGF-I levels in 188 adolescents during two years of training at a competitive level. USA, 2001.

Damsgaard R, Mlgaard C, Bencke J, Mller J. Pubertal gymnasts increase whole body mineral content in contrast to swimmers during one year of intensive training. Belgium, 2000.

Damsgaard R, Bencke J, Matththiesen G, Mller J. The hypothalamo-pituitary-thyroid (HPT) axis in 163 children participating in 4 different sports at competitive level. Poland, 1999.

Damsgaard R, Bencke J, Mller J. The influence of genetic growth potential and fetal growth on stature in 184 elite sports children. USA, 1999.

Damsgaard R and Mller J. The growth potential in 441 elite sports children. Finland, 1998.

Damsgaard R and Mller J. Birth weight and birth length, genetic growth potential and maturation in 441 children subjected to intensive physical training. Italy, 1998.

Hansen A, Bagger J, Damsgaard R et al. Validation of parents assessment of simple indicators of body shape, flexibility and muscle tightness in trained children. 1998.

Bencke J, Damsgaard R et al. 1998: Anaerobic power differences in 10-12 year-old elite sports children from different sports.

Ongoing projects

Clinical investigation of heavy steroid users; A study of side-effects on internal organs and metabolism.

Medical expert on FIS blood-screening programme.

The follow-up study of "Kenyan runners"

IGF-I in colostrum, a part of an EU-study.

Bartonella infection in Orienteering runners.

Detection of NESP in humans combining indirect blood parameters.

A validation study of the quality of multiple muscle biopsies obtained from the same site.

Coordinating the ideas of a working group concerning the \"pill culture\" phenomenon

Arranging anti-doping campaigns in recreational sports.

Targeting recipients between the age of 14-18 years for the anti-doping message.

Anti-doping perception among young soccer players, their coaches and doctors.

Media presentations

Prime time TV news interviews

Radio news interviews and in studio debate programs

Primary scientific source for national newspaper citation.

Other interests

1976- present: Sailing at a competitive level. Won several medals at World Championships and European Championships, Nordic Championships and National Championships in various sailing classes: Optimist, Europe, Snipe, 470 and 505. Member of The Danish National Olympic Sailing Team in 1990-1991

Running marathons, Ironman, Vasaloppet (nordic skiing), "Crocodile Trophy" (cycle-race across Australia)