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Societal and personal development

Focus Area News

Play the Game 2013: New insight into the legacy of Brazil’s and Russia’s mega-events

15 October 2013

What are the true legacies and costs of mega-events? Play the Game 2013, taking place in Aarhus,...[more]

Sports participation booms in Denmark

29 May 2013

A new report from the Danish Institute for Sports Studies on sports participation in Denmark shows...[more]

Gibraltar no longer an Outcast

27 May 2013

After what is surely the longest wait of any country that has actually applied to join one of...[more]

!4 years after their first application, Gibraltar has finally been accepted into UEFA. Photo: The Gibraltar team (in red) by Steve Menary

Beckham and Ferguson: A Tale of Two Masculinities

21 May 2013

In this comment piece, professor David Rowe takes a look at the changes to sport, celebrity and...[more]

David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson represent two different types of masculinity, writes professor David Rowe in this comment. Photo by Joscarfas/Flickr

Report: Olympic inclusion lacks on women representation

15 April 2013

A new report on gender balance in Olympic competitions and leadership gives recommendations on how...[more]

The 2012 London Olympics has been called “Year of the Woman.” A new report shows poor representation of women in olympic leadership roles. Photo by Aurelien Guichard/Flickr

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