Ian Mengel

member, PLAY!YA

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Ian Mengel is a freelance editor and also engages with the independent NGO PLAY!YA in Berlin (Germany). He has worked for many years in conflict transformation, peacebuilding and intercultural dialogue in different African and European countries.

Together with the partner organisation PLAY!YA Nigeria, he has organised three successful edition of the African Football Film Festival in Lagos (Nigeria). The festival not only intends to entertain the audience, but also to show realistic pictures about the football industry and its pitfalls like bad governance or the trafficking of players.

All PLAY!YA projects try to examine and convert certain destructive practices of modern sport affecting society on a broader scale like excessive competition or violence. Mengel has developed several of these projects and contributed to other social learning initiatives in sport. He has also worked for many years on the topic of human trafficking of young footballers.

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Download the Programme of the 3rd African Football Film Festival (Lagos, Nigeria / April 2017)

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