Arjo Klamer

Professor of cultural economics, Erasmus University

Klamer 10SSS[1]

I try to make a contribution to the field of cultural economics with the value based approach that I am developing. New are the notions of shared goods, and the four sphere model. Of course, I hope that they will prove to be contributions but that the community of scholars will determine. I hope to make a major contribution with the Quality Impact monitor that I am developing with others. I make serious efforts to educate students and professionals in the worlds of art and culture. I am proud of the Master of Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship that I helped to develop and of the series of workshops on Cultural Economics and the values of culture that I am doing with Creare throughout the world (e.g. in Amsterdam, India, Uganda, Japan, Portugal, Venice, Brazil and Letland). 

Getting the first academic job at Wellesley College was important, of course. Before that I got a kick out of being offered a scholarship at Duke University while I happened to be in the bathroom with the graduate director. Getting my first book published- Conversations with Economists--, reading reviews in The New York Times, Business Week and Fortune, and hearing people talking about the book at conferences and even on the street in New York City, all that was certainly a highlight. I was very proud at the opening of Academia Vitae, a university that I had conceived and for which I had worked very hard.  Having to close it down was one of the lowest points of my career. There were other disappointments, of course, but I really enjoy being able to converse with interested and interesting graduate students and with colleagues and friends such as Deirdre McCloskey. It is also a good thing to be part of societal and political discussions in the Netherlands. Being the president elect of the association of cultural economics gives me the chance to promote the field in Asia and Latin America.

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