Bettina Rulofs

Senior lecturer, Institute of Sociology & Gender Studies, German Sport University

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Dr. Bettina Rulofs is senior lecturer at the German Sport University, Institute of Sociology & Gender Studies. Her main areas of research are gender studies, social inequality, child protection, prevention of violence and diversity-management in sport. Since 2010, she is member of the National Working Group on Child Protection in Sport and as a member of that group the German Sport Youth entrusted her with the compilation of a guideline for child protection in sport. She is currently coordinating the research project »Safe Sport« in Germany, which is funded by the German Ministry of Science & Education, and focuses on child protection and the prevention of sexual violence in organised sport. She is also leading the EU-funded project VOICE, which focuses on the reports of those who have been affected by sexual violence in sport. From 2013-2015, she was involved in the EU-funded project “Sport respects your rights”.

Contact details:
German Sport University Cologne, Institute of Sociology & Gender Studies
Email: /
Phone: +49 221 4982-7230

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