Nikki Dryden

Olympic swimmer, human rights lawyer

Presentations Opening speeches: Sport's Institutions: Corrupting the meaning of sport - Play the Game 2009 (Pdf.)

Sport's institutions: Corrupting the meaning of sport - Play the Game 2009 (Video) Using Human Rights Tools to Fight Systematic Doping - Play the Game 2005 (Pdf.)

CV Nikki Dryden is a two-time Olympic swimmer and human rights lawyer. She is also an athlete ambassador for several organizations that use sport to promote development and peace including Right To Play and Team Darfur. 

For Right To Play, Nikki raises funds and awareness about the organization, which uses sport and play programs to improve health, develop life skills, and foster peace for children and communities around the world. 

Team Darfur is an international coalition of athletes whose aim is to educate the global public about and bring an end to the crisis in Darfur. Prior to the 2008 Olympics, Nikki appeared on behalf of Team Darfur as an athlete and human rights expert on television and radio, and met with government and institutional leaders to hold the IOC and the Chinese Government accountable for upholding the Olympic Truce and the founding Olympic values. 

Nikki is also a features writer for SwimNews magazine and covered swimming at both the Athens and Beijing Olympics. She spoke at Play the Game 2005 on the human rights implications of doping minor athletes.

Play the Game

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