Andrea Petroczi

Professor, Kingston University

Andrea Petroczi

I am a Research Professor in Kingston University London.

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During my academic career, I have worked across many disciplines. My main research interest is human enhancement and enhancement ‘beyond normal', particularly in sport, exercise and performing arts settings.

I am intrigued by complex problems which require multidisciplinary approaches and collaborations. Grounded in psychology, I explore human behaviour of all kinds, combining quantitative and qualitative methods, fusing science and social science; and novel approaches.

I am internationally recognised for my research in doping behaviour and anti-doping. I work closely with the World Anti-Doping Agency on various projects focussing on doping prevalence [please link the prevalence symposium here], anti-doping legitimacy and education (Athlete Learning Program about Health and Anti-Doping, ALPHA).

Read about the Safe You project.

Listen the experts talking about the importance of non-judgemental approach.

Watch the Safe You case studies

Watch a short video about the Safe You educational programme

Results from the anti-doping legitimacy project is presented at the Play the Game conference [please link Vassilis Barkoukis’ symposium here]

Jointly with Prof Susan Backhouse (Leeds Beckett University), I lead the Clean Sport Alliance which builds on the cumulated strength and complementary portfolios of doping researchers in the UK. The Clean Sport Alliance recognises and works with the complexity of the doping problem and prioritises collaboration and co-ordination in moving anti-doping policy and practice forward.

I am passionate about training and helping the next generation of researchers. Since 2014, I serve as an adviser for the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission UK helping talented young students to further their education in the UK.

This is my three-minute-thesis competition (3MT) project.  We provided 3MT training to the six semi-finalists and filmed the competition day.

My Erdos number is 4: Paul Erdös - János Komlós - Gábor Tusnády - László Négyessy/Tamás Nepusz/Fülöp Bazsó.

Presentations at Play the Game conferences:
Psychological drivers in doping: a developmental vulnerability model - Play the Game 2007 (PP Pdf.) (With Eugene Aidman) Andrea Petroczi's bibliography

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