Koen Breedveld

Director, Mulier Institute, Netherlands

Koen Breedveld (Utrecht, 1964) has been managing director of the Mulier Institute since 2007 and professor in sport sociology at Radboud University Nijmegen since 2013. He was the initiator and chief-editor of the ‘Rapportage Sport’ project, a series of books starting in 2003 monitoring trends and developments in Dutch sports. His main research topics concerns sports participation and sports policies. In 2010, together with Jeroen Scheerder and Remco Hoekman, he set up the international network Measure (http://www.measuresport.eu/news). In 2011 he completed an elaborate evaluation of Dutch sports policies over the 2006-2010 period. In 2012, he headed an international consortium advising the EU on monitoring sports in Europe. Since 2013, he is the vice coodinator of Research Network 28 (sportsociology) of the European Sociological Association. Currently, he is editing, together with Jeroen Scheerder a book on 'Running across Europe'. Koen Breedveld publishes widely in scientific and professional journals.

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