Elizabeth Martin

President and Founder, Brazil Police Watch

Liz Martin Image BPW

Liz Martin became a reluctant activist after her nephew was murdered in Brazil by a policeman. As the daughter of a policeman, she was appalled by the high use of lethal force in the ranks of police in Brazil. She was emboldened by the work of Brazilian families of victims of police violence such as Rede de Comunidades e Movimentos contra a Violência. By joining with these groups and seeking advice and support from experts, Liz created the campaign “Don’t Kill for Me; Safe Games for All”.

Through story telling and reporting, Liz Martin hopes to educate others about the high rates of police killing citizens in Brazil, considered among the highest in the world. But the journey doesn’t end there. The ultimate goal, to help reform Brazilian police long term and have not only a safe World Cup in 2014 and Olympics in 2016, but to have a safe future for that country her nephew so dearly loved.

Don't Kill For Me: Safe Games For All and the link http://dontkill4me.org/

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